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Pet Insurance: Top 10 Benefits
Oct 2, 2022

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Pet Insurance

Families that have pets treat them as just family members and not domestic animals. All their needs surrounding food, grooming, and even medicines, are looked after as one would look after their children or parents. Thus, they become an extension of a human family. Dogs, in particular, are a popular choice for pets in urban jungles, because of their quick adaptability to their surroundings. Just like you’d buy health insurance for yourself, it is important to buy pet insurance for your fur babies. Dogs require careful attention to their oral hygiene, at the time of breeding and even in general, to prevent them from severe diseases like cancers and organ failures. While the cost for some of these treatments can be steep, a pet insurance plan, in particular, a dog insurance policy offered by insurance companies, can help with the financial aspect of the treatment. Here are three critical considerations to look at when buying pet insurance for dogs:

1. Policy Features

When choosing an insurance plan for dogs, the premiums are dependent on the age, breed and gender of the dog. Further, based on their weight, they are also classified into regular (weight up to 40 kg) and giants (weight above 40 kg). These factors together influence the premium that is paid against the coverage offered by the insurance company. Every insurance company has its terms for extending coverage. For instance, some insurance companies may offer insurance for giant breeds from six months to four years and may exit at six years. On the other hand, insurance for a regular breed is available from six months to seven years and the exit age is set at ten years. The coverage for such pet insurance requires proper identification of the dog. This can be done by way of pictures and authentic time-stamping. Further, pure pedigree dogs with a higher amount of sum insured will require pedigree certificates as well. Pre-medical tests are also conducted in some cases. Moreover, following a proper vaccination schedule is essential for insurance coverage and an RFID chip for easy tracking can help lower the premium too.*

2. Inclusions

What is included in the pet cover is another crucial consideration to remember when choosing a suitable insurance policy. Surgery and hospitalization expenses are commonly included in a policy whereas coverage for terminal ailments, death benefits, outpatient treatment, and third-party liability is available as an option. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company even offers a lumpsum payout on diagnosis of terminal ailments, that can be used to seek timely and the right treatment. While selecting a policy with suitable features is essential, it is also important to buy a policy that includes necessary coverage for your dog depending on their breed and possible risk factors.*

3. Exclusions

Exclusions are situations that your pet insurance cover does not provide for. Depending on the insurance policy’s terms, these exclusions come into the picture. The waiting period is the most common exclusion wherein the insurance policy does not provide for any treatment costs. Other commonly found exclusions in pet insurance plans are for treatments sought outside the geographical limits of the policy (out of the country), skin-related or cosmetic procedures, or treatments related to pregnancy. To summarize, treatments that are not initiated due to an accident or illness are a part of its exclusions. *   *Standard T&C Apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.  

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