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Healthy Travel Tips to Stay in Shape
Jun 4, 2021

7 Interesting Fitness Hacks to Stay in Shape While Travelling

Now stop feeling guilty about putting on weight while you are travelling! Whether you are on a business trip or on an exotic holiday, here are 7 hacks which you must try for a healthy body

1. Jog to Explore a New City

Jogging in a new city to explore places you would normally not have a chance to visit. Hurry up! Take a map and jog to nooks and corners of the city. It will not only give you memorable experiences but will also help in building strong bones, strengthen your muscles, improve cardiovascular fitness and maintaining your weight.

2. Carry Your Equipment Along

No we are not talking about carrying your treadmill! But it is definitely possible to carry simple things like a skipping rope and a resistance band. The skipping rope will provide you with an intense cardiovascular workout in a short time span and the resistance band can be used for body strength training moves.

3. Get Adventurous

How about trying paragliding, rafting, scuba diving or kayaking? Thrilling, isn’t it? You will have loads of fun and also burn some calories. Also indulging in these adventure sports is good for your heart. Studies have shown that those who take active vacations have very less chances of having a heart attack. These sports reduce stress and anxiety, in turn lessening blood pressure.

4. Use Things Present in Your Hotel Room

If you don’t want to go looking out for a gym in the hotel, here are few exercises you can do in your room itself. Try doing dips on the bathtub, decline push-ups with your feet on the bed or squats while holding an unplugged iron. You can also opt for exercising watching some yoga or workout DVDs by your favourite celebrities.

5. Plan an Interesting Competition

Going on a vacation with your gang of friends? Enjoy having races and swimming competitions etc. for fitness and see who wins! And the loser will have to treat the rest of the gang. Yipeeee!

6. Prefer Walking to Nearby Places

Walk to the places nearby instead of taking your vehicle. This will not only save you money but will also keep you fit.

7.Use Fitness Apps

There are many amazing fitness apps that are loaded with workouts that you do not need any weights for. They are great in keeping track by telling you how many calories you burnt and giving you motivational goals to fulfil.

Planning to travel? Do not forget to try these fitness hacks!

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