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Know the Preventive Tips to Keep Pets Safe This Diwali
Oct 13, 2022

Seven Safety Tips for Your Pets This Diwali 2022

As the festive season approaches, enthusiasm, fervor, and spirit remain high and only gets increased. It’s that time of the year when family, friends, and close ones get together to rejoice.  Diwali is the festival of lights, a time when we light diyas, make rangolis, decorate houses, etc. Amidst all the celebrations, some people also burst firecrackers. Firecrackers are not only harmful to the environment but also trouble animals.

Know the 7 Tips to Keep Pets Safe This Diwali Celebration

This Diwali 2022, let us employ some key changes for those furry companions. Here are some safety tips for your pets during the festival season:
  1. Protect the Eyes: Diwali is known as the festival of lights. But at times, the light could be uncomfortable for the pet. The light of candles, diyas, or anything too bright may lead your pet friend to be more anxious. Ensure that the rooms where they are kept are well-curtained. However, do not lock them in the room for too long. Doing this will only add up to their stress.
  2. Protect the Ears: In case you are unaware, the hearing capability of a dog is way sharper than human. The loud noise of firecrackers may damage their eardrums. It's suggested to keep a pet in a soundproof room or at a place where the noise may not reach. If required, use an earmuff. To distract them, keep food, water, and toys for them in a room. You may also mask the cracker's sound by playing light music in the room.
  3. Protect the Nose: The nose of those paws are extremely sensitive. We all know that firecrackers lead to pollution. The pollution from the crackers may cause breathing problems in the dogs. In case you have an air purifier at the residence, use it to keep the air clean. You may also keep a veterinary’s number handy. Observe your pet, in case the dog feels uneasy, consult a veterinarian immediately. You may also let your pet wear a dog mask.
  4. Take Care of the Fur: As it's celebration time, do not let your pet get close to an open fire surface around the home or street. The fur of dogs is flammable, you may trim it for the festival season specifically the tail area.
  5. Do Not Feed Them With Sweets: It is recommended not to give sweets to your pet. Eating too many sweets may affect their digestive system. Feed your dog regularly with food that is healthy and nutritious for them.
  6. Keep a First Aid Kit Handy: Being prepared always goes a long way. The safety of your pet should be your priority. To ensure maximum safety from any adversity it's highly recommended to have a pet dog insurance policy in place. Moreover, you should also have a first aid kit handy. Consult a veterinary and know the emergency procedures that can be helpful in case of a mishap. After only consulting the vet, have some anti-anxiety medications that may help to keep your woofy friend calm.
  7. Keep the Pet Hydrated: Amidst all the fun, do not forget to feed your PAWfect friend. Water is important and it helps them to deal with the restlessness caused by fireworks or loud noise. Keep your pet hydrated throughout.
Last but not the least, Never Leave Your Pets Alone. We have a social responsibility towards our street dogs as well.
  1. Do not throw or scare the dogs with firecrackers
  2. Keep a bowl of food and water for the dogs outside your home
  3. For Diwali night, give them shelter outside your home like the parking area, etc.

Woof! Woof!

Ensure that the dogs are taken care of well and the children of your home or locality are not involved in mischievous activities that may harm the dogs. Diwali is a festival for all, making it enjoyable for every living being. Hope these pet care tips help you and the festival remains enjoyable for the dogs as well. If you know, share these tips with the ones who are pet parents. Pets are enough to protect us but at times, not themselves. Let not the sparkling festival of lights turn into horror for our furry friends. Happy Diwali!!!

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