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Sep 29, 2019

Safeguard your curios with the best home insurance policy

We understand that your treasures reflect your personal journey. The kind of curios and artefacts you have in your home, define you as a person. Your list of artefacts is who you are. You may be an art lover with many exquisite paintings adorning your home. Whether it’s a vintage or a contemporary art, the paintings are obviously very dear to you. Here are some tips on how to store them. Read on!
  • Choose a cool and dry place: Keep your curios in a cool and dry place to avoid any damage from humidity and molds. Also, keep it away from bright lights since they might cause textural damage.
  • Store in the right way: Antiques and curios may be fragile, especially most of their value come from their age. It can be a little nerve racking to have them out for display due to the normal wear and tear that comes along with displaying. A storage unit is thus the best option. Use packing paper to store them along with foam and bubble wrap. Also ensure that the unit is temperature controlled.
  • Clean them the right way: In case you wish to clean your curios or antiques, know the right technique to do so. Use a fine brush that will not cause any damage on the surface. Use cotton cloth to wipe them. Avoid using any sort of chemicals on them. This can damage them permanently.
Now that you know how to store your curios, but unfortunately in unforeseen circumstances, these things can get stolen, damaged or destroyed. It’s really sad to lose something so precious which has great sentimental value, but there are insurance companies offering financial coverage for such losses and cheering you up in the long way. If you are a curios collector or have them at home, you can take a look at Bajaj Allianz’s Home Insurance Policy. The policy not only covers your home but the valuable contents of your home too. In any unforeseen circumstances, if your curios are stolen or damaged they are covered under the home insurance policy. Coverage under My Home Insurance Policy:  
  • Loss or damage to curios, work of arts and paintings: There can be substantial loss or damage to your curios, works of art and paintings while they are stored or lying in your building. The home insurance policy will compensate you in respect of the loss or damage. The valuation of the same shall be done by the government approved value and approved by the insurance company.
It is also advisable to know the exclusions in your coverage:
  • Loss or damage to contents due to defective workmanship, material or design, latent defect, wear and tear, depreciation, moth, vermin, insects or mildew, process of cleaning, dyeing or bleaching, restoring, repairing, retouching or renovation, inherent vice, warping or shrinkage, the action of light or atmospheric conditions, natural ageing or any other gradually operating cause.
  • Breakage, cracking or scratching of crockery, glass, cameras, binoculars, lenses, musical instruments, sports gear and similar articles of brittle or fragile nature, unless caused by fire or accidental external means.
Now that you understand the rules of your curios insurance, insure them with Bajaj Allianz’s Home Insurance Policy and protect your close-to-heart items today!  

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