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Road Accidents and Need for Car Insurance
Oct 18, 2019

How Does Car Insurance Work for Road Accidents in India?

In India, road accidents have grown at an unprecedented rate. As per reports there were 1,50,000 people killed in traffic accidents. That comes to 400 fatalities a day.  As per the data recovered for over a period of 6 years, Uttar Pradesh saw the maximum number of road deaths from 16,004 in 2013 to 22,256 in 2018. There was a consistent descend in the number of  road deaths in Tamil Nadu, which stood at 15.563 in 2013 to 12, 216 in 2018. With the new Motor Amendment Act in place, it is being touted that there would be less fatalities since people will be more cautious on the roads.   The number of death due to accidents in India is indeed a cause of worry. What are the possible causes of road accidents that happens so frequently?   Bad roads: India is said to be the fastest developing country after China. But the condition of the roads even after so much development is worrying. There are potholes all over and there is construction going on throughout. These scenarios make driving on Indian roads very difficult.   Overloaded vehicles: Be it people or goods, overloaded vehicles have a tendency of losing balance and causing fatalities. Even worse are the ones that carry protruding steel rods without any safety measures. They are the cause of many accidents on the roads.   Speeding: Another major contributor in road accidents is speeding. The whole game of driving faster than the other vehicle is very risky and people should avoid doing that.   Drunken driving: Even though driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited, there are many people who do it which results in road accidents. If you wish to drink, hire a car or ask your sober friend to drive the car for you.   Distracted driving: While you are behind the wheel, your full focus should be that on the roads. That means no talking on phone, no texting, no eating, no changing CDs, no grooming. Pay attention to your driving and don’t get so distracted talking to your co-passengers that your driving reflexes get affected.   Rains: While it is difficult to avoid driving during the rains, you should be careful since the waterlogging will not let you see the potholes and the slippery roads can disbalance your car. If the visibility is too low, stop the car and let the rain pass.   Jumping red lights: Red signal means stop! Even if it seems that no other vehicles are coming, you should always stop on red light. If you see the other road full of traffic and still jump the red light because you are getting late for that important meeting, you are inviting trouble. Always avoid doing that. Remember, it’s not just about your safety but also of others on the road.   Now that you know about some of the major causes of road accidents, here is a list on how to prevent them.   Do not drink and drive.   Obey the speed limit.   Do not use cell phones when driving. It is illegal and extremely dangerous.   Ensure the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition.   Do simple vehicle maintenance and pre-trip inspections.   Guard against distractions while driving. Set all devices, mirrors and controls prior to driving.   Ensure all vehicle occupants wear a seat belt.   Maintain a safe following distance.   Allow yourself to take short breaks when driving long distances.     God forbid, that you get involved in a car accident. But if you do, your car insurance will secure your vehicle. Get comprehensive car insurance policy like that of Bajaj Allianz’s. After the accident, the higher repair cost and replacement of spare parts will pinch your pocket. You can look at the all-round car insurance policy of Bajaj Allianz that will ensure your peace of mind in case of such an eventuality.   Drive safely on roads and buy Bajaj Allianz’s Car Insurance Online today!  

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