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How Cyber Liability Insurance Covers Loss due to Malware Attacks?
Jun 6, 2021

How Can Cyber Insurance Cover You For Malware Attacks?

In the present-day digital era, your online activities decide your online presence and have a part to play in maintaining status quo. Besides being socially active on internet, you also use the World Wide Web for browsing, transacting, reading, learning, playing online games, communicating and more. But have you wondered about your safety in this virtual world while doing all these activities? The virtual world, however lucrative it may seem, is not a very safe space. There is a high risk of you becoming the victim of malware attacks, cyber stalking, phishing and other cyber threats. Malware attacks are one of the most commonly occurring cyber-attacks that causes damage to your digital gadgets connected to the internet. A malware is a computer program that you might receive through SMS, file transfer and downloaded programs from internet or any other digital means, which have been maliciously designed to infiltrate and damage your device without your consent. Some of the well-known malware programs are computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware, and scareware. In addition to losing money, malware attack also robs you off your precious data and sometimes even reputation and trust. The only things that you get in case of cyber-attack are mental stress, financial and legal costs. Thus, having a cyber insurance is of utmost importance in these situations. Cyber Safe Insurance Claim Process If you have been the victim of a malware attack and if you have purchased Bajaj Allianz’s Cyber Safe Insurance policy, then you can file a cyber insurance claim with us. Following are the steps to register a claim:
  • You will have to lodge an FIR with the police/cyber cell.
  • You will have to inform us via written notice within 7 days of the incident, but not later than 14 days after the end of the period of insurance or discovery period.
  • With the written notice, you will also be required to submit the following documents:
    • Duly filled claim form
    • Copy of FIR
    • Copies of legal notice, summons received, invoices for expenses incurred on restoration cost
    • proof to show that Loss is incurred by you and that the personal data is the propriety information belonging to you
  • Our forensic experts will inspect all the documents provided by you, and if the registered claim is valid, then your claim will get processed.
Bajaj Allianz is the first industry in insurance sector to launch an insurance product – Individual Cyber Safe Insurance – which covers you from 10 potential cyber threats. Our cyber insurance plan provides coverage for restoration costs and defense cost as well. You can visit our website to know more details about cyber insurance coverage.

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