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Different Types of Friends
Nov 22, 2021

Friendship Day – The Different Types of Friends in Your Life

There is a popular saying on these lines: “You have three types of friends in life: friends for a reason, friends for a season, and friends for a lifetime.” A friend is someone, with whom you can feel an affinity towards and who create a sense of happiness in you. You can be friends with anyone who makes you feel this way. The definition of friendship is very wide and is applicable to everyone differently. Here are some different types of friends that you might have in your life:
  1. Cousins as friends – Your first friends are your cousins. They are either a year or two younger or older than you and share the same blues and cheerfulness as you do. Although you meet with them occasionally, you instantly connect with them. You can share your secrets with them and grumble about your parents without any hesitation. Usually they are in the same boat as you and can feel your pain!
  2. Pets as friends – Many people consider their pets as their best friends. If you have a pet at your home, then all your exhaustion of a long day goes for a toss when you see your little friend jumping around and hearing it shout out to you, when you reach home. The joy that you see in your pet’s eyes is the true reflection of friendship.
  3. Books as friends – Losing yourself in the world of books, just to find the peace of mind, is what makes books your best friend. Not only you learn something from reading a book, you also enjoy the beautiful world that the chapters in the book describe. You can explore self-help books, fictional novels, history books, philosophical books, poetic books and many more categories of books to suit all your moods.
  4. Life partner as friend – Isn’t it the best if your life partner is your friend for life? Having a sense of security and the carefreeness to be the real you, is what a best friend for life can gift you.
  5. Online friends – With the hectic schedules and the extended working hours, meeting friends and spending quality time gets difficult. Thus, the best way to catch up with your buddies is through online chats and social networking sites. Internet not only helps you reconnect with your friends, but also gives an opportunity to befriend someone whom you haven’t met in your real life.
Baltasar Gracian once said, Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil. Similarly, having an insurance helps you in your difficult times and reduces your troubles by giving you financial stability in the hour of need. Insurance is just like your friend for a reason, who comes into action when you need it the most. Visit our website to know about the different general insurance plans that you can befriend for your lifetime.

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