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Sep 21, 2019

How to Stay Healthy with Trekking & Global Personal Guard Policy?

Is going on a ‘healthy’ holiday something that is occupying your mind? Then we’re sure that trekking is something you would’ve considered. It is the urge to test your stamina, explore the unexplored and know more about flora and fauna that attracts people to go on trekking. The urge of discovering many hidden secrets of nature in a fun filled environment makes trekking nothing less than a crash course on nature. As an activity, trekking challenges your body and mind. This adventure activity gives you an amazing adrenaline rush and you will be surprised to know that trekking also leads to some fruitful benefits. Let’s take a look at a few of them. Whole body work out: The most prominent benefit of trekking is, it leads to whole body workout that in turn helps in improving the overall health and keeping fit. Trekking continuously keeps you on your toes, which helps in stretching your muscles and also tests the strength of the body. When the trekker heads home, he/she carries a leaner self, new found energy and peace of mind. Reduces stress: Wandering in the nature full of mountains, the picturesque beauty and serene atmosphere calms your mind and your focus shifts from your daily activities to that of nature. It is a great activity to forget about your worries and kick out the negative thoughts. It is also a proven fact that trekking truly helps in reducing stress. Good for overall health: No doubt, trekking tests your stamina. It involves physical tasks like crossing rugged terrains, bridges, climbing high mountain peaks and so on. It is invariably an unforgettable and pleasurable experience. According to health experts, trekking along with being an adventurous activity, is a great way to build muscles of legs and arms. It helps in minimizing blood pressure and reduces the pain in joints, since you are continuously walking. Cleanses your lungs: Trekking is mostly done in the mountains and nature is at its best there. You are away from all the pollution and breathe in the fresh air. This helps in cleansing your lungs and you go back healthy with a fresh respiratory system. Bonding with family members: In our daily lives, we are so tied up with work that we don’t get time to spend with our family members. Trekking is a great way to bond amongst the beauty of nature. You can camp with your family and rekindle the lost love amongst each other. It is therefore on of the best ways to get close to each other and what best that doing it behind the scenic beauty of nature. New culture acquaintance: When you travel to new places, you get to learn about the new cultures that may not be similar to yours. Be it the local food or the local language, you get to learn new things and cherish the memories of the same for a lifetime. Making friends for life: While you go for trekking, you get to bond with likeminded people who together in a group go on the trek. You learn to face new difficulties with many people in the group and try to overcome situations together. In the whole process, you tend to get close and make friends for the lifetime! Though trekking is a wonderful way to unwind, it also comes with its own challenges that you may face. It’s a path full of uneven terrain and climbing heights that may result in accidents. Bajaj Allianz’s Global Personal Guard gives coverage against accidents. This personal accident cover will help you in the need of the hour anytime and anywhere in the world. It gives coverage against death, total permanent disability or partial permanent disability and any other injuries caused due to an accident. Key features of Global Personal Guard:
  • Covers accidental death and injury
  • Covers entire family
  • Long term policy
  • Sum insured option up to 25 crore
  • Lifestyle modification benefit
  • Cumulative bonus
Next time you go on your trekking expedition, don’t forget to explore health insurance in India by Bajaj Allianz and get yourself insured!

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