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International Day of Disabled Persons 2021
Dec 6, 2021

Disability is Not Contagious, Ignorance Is

In 1992, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities was initiated.  It is observed every year on December 03 with the key objective of promoting the rights and well-being of individuals with disabilities. At the same time, another objective is to promote awareness of individuals with disabilities in each aspect of cultural, economic, political, and social life.

What is Disability?

When we talk about disability it is prudent to understand that it is an umbrella term. Disabilities include activity limitations, impairments, and participation restrictions. An activity limitation is a difficulty encountered by the individual in performing an action or task. Impairment is a problem in body structure or function. And participation restriction is the problem experienced by a person in involvement in situations of life. Disability is a term is mostly used to refer to intellectual impairment, physical impairment, cognitive impairment, sensory impairment, mental illness, and other different types of chronic disease.
  • It is a global public health issue
  • It is a human rights issue
  • It is a development priority.
As per the World Health Organization, disability affects one in seven people across the globe. At some point in life, everyone is likely to experience it. People with disabilities often face discrimination, prejudice, violence, and autonomy denial and face barriers to care. It has a high prevalence in low-income nations. Poverty and disability mutually reinforce one another.

The Theme for an International Day of Disabled Persons 2021

This year's theme is ‘Fighting for Rights in the post-COVID era’. It is time to celebrate those challenges, opportunities, and barriers for individuals living with disabilities in the context of the global pandemic. Undoubtedly, every person has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals living with disabilities have been one of the most affected populations amidst the global crisis. Inculcating a sense of compassion among all human beings is important. This day celebrates the lives of disabled people and salutes their determination.

The Bottom Line

Let us consider this day as an opportunity for each one of us to take action towards making the world accessible, inclusive, and sustainable for one and all. It is time to accept the limits and go beyond them. Let us come together and reinvent perspectives to ensure equity in treatment and opportunity.  

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