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Oct 8, 2022

Debunking Myths Around Pet Dog Insurance

For many of us, pets are like our family members. Becoming a pet parent is not just exciting but is a big responsibility too. Over time, we all have witnessed an evolution for all good when it comes to pets. Gone are the days, when people use to address themselves as pet owners. Today, they address themselves as proud pet parents and want the ultimate best for their fur balls. Give the best medical care and attention to those paws with the Bajaj Allianz Pet Dog Insurance Policy.

Why Pet Dog Insurance?

A pet dog insurance plan can be bought by anyone who owns a pet dog. A pet insurance policy is extremely helpful as it lets you focus on their care and not worry about unexpected medical or veterinary expenses. It offers protection against different costs that may incur to treat the dog in case of an illness or accident. Pay the pet insurance premium timely without worrying about the costs that may come out of the blue. It also covers the legal liability of the pet owner in case of third-party bodily injury, death, or property damage because of the pet dogs. Our pet dog insurance plan is cost-effective and starts at as low as Rs 315 for dogs.*

Common Myths Around Pet Dog Insurance Plans

Let us briefly explore some of the key myths around pet dog insurance plans in India:

Myth 1: My pet is young and completely healthy. So a pet dog insurance policy is not required.

Fact: Just like your pet is your best friend likewise having a pet dog insurance cover will end up becoming their best friend in case of an unforeseen event. There are chances that your energetic furball may fall ill or get into some other unpredictable trouble. Ensure that those are covered in the circle of protection. Also always remember that adversity never comes with prior notice.

Myth 2: Pet dog insurance is expensive.

Fact: You may feel that a pet insurance policy is an expensive deal. However, the veterinary bills are going to be even costlier. In case you are unaware a simple veterinary visit can sometimes become financially daunting. Nobody is better than a pet parent to understand the needs of their pet. Now, you can customize the plan as per the requirements and have that peace of mind. The pet dog insurance premium depends upon various factors such as age, gender, and breed of it. Our pet dog insurance policy is an annual plan wherein we also offer support in case the pet goes missing.* *Standard T&C apply

Myth 3: A pet insurance policy does not offer many benefits.

Fact: Pet dog insurance plans come up with multiple key benefits. A dog between the age of 3 months to 10 years is covered with lifetime coverage. A cover is provided for any injury/surgery or even mortality that may result from a mishap. It is covered from the time the policy is issued without a waiting period. We also offer a cover for the loss/ theft or straying of the pet dog.* *Standard T&C apply

The Bottom Line

Gradually, the pet insurance policy is pacing up in India. Given the medical inflation regarding the vet and various other costs involved, you surely would not want your pet to suffer. Gift your furry companion the same care that they give you. Seek medical treatment and consultation for them timely. Remember the key purpose behind buying any insurance policy is safeguarding your finances from the unexpected. Caring for the health of your pet is your responsibility and should be your priority as well. We are #CaringlyPAWS!   Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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