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Sep 29, 2022

Keeping it Cuddly, 06 Ways to Keep Pets Safe Amidst Festivities

Having a furry friend at home makes our life better. Waking up to the warm fuzzy cuddles or having that furry-four-legged friend waiting at the door when you return from work. The innocent eyes and tails that wag whenever there is food around.

Being a ‘Pet Parent’

It is an absolute blessing to have pets at home. Their presence is comforting and you receive all warmth. As much easy, it might sound, but when you are a pet parent, a heap of responsibilities also come along. Taking care of your PAWfriend involves effort. You have to be on your toes to feed them, take them for walks, share your space, give affection and so forth. A pet parent should consider having a pet dog insurance policy. It ensures that your PAWfriend receives the medical attention and care. Hence, you remain worry-free for the incurred expenses. The four-legged furry friend is the best companion you could ever ask. This festival season let us ensure the safety of your pet.

Did We Say Festival?

Yes! The PAWfriends are part of the festivities as well. The festival season has begun and you would be set in full flow. Right from cleaning the house, preparing dishes, deciding the plans with family and relatives, planning gifts, to deciding the outfits and what not! In the hustle and bustle of everything, if you are a pet parent it becomes your responsibility to ensure the safety of the pet this festive season.

06 Ways to Keep Pets Safe During Festivities

Here’s how you can make your dog feel loved and ensure its safety:
  1. Keep the First-aid Kit Handy: Ensure that you have a first-aid kit handy with all the essentials. Your pets' first aid needs will depend upon their age, breed and lifestyle. You can also speak to a vet that will help to customize a first aid kit as per the medical needs of your pet. If need be, visit a vet and get anti-prescribed medicines. Keep the pet hydrated as it helps to decrease anxiety. Keep handy the contact details of your primary vet and closest vet clinic.
  2. Take Your Pet for a Walk: Ensure that you take your pet for a regular walk. Considering festivities take your pet for a walk in the early morning. Regular walks and playtime are essential for the growth of the pet. Spending time with your pet is also important. Observe the body language of the pets. Notice if there is any behavior change such as if the pet is scratching more than usual or the eating habits, etc. Analyzing helps to understand the underlying issue.
  3. Keep Your Pet Indoors: Make certain that they are in a comfortable room. Shut the doors and windows to muffle the noise. As it is not possible to drown the noise completely. If required, put cotton balls into the ear of the pet. You could also play some soft music to calm them down. Moreover, keep hazardous stuff out of their reach. To avoid an accidental fire, try keeping your dog away from candles or diyas. Do not leave your pet outdoors.
  4. Give them Dog Food: Just because it is festival season does not mean that you give the same food to the dog that you eat. Give them food that supports the immune system and enables them to grow in the correct proportions. You can also ask the vet for the same.
  5. Make them Wear Pet Collars: Ensure that your pet is wearing a collar and has the identification tag around their neck. It should include your name and contact number. In case the pet goes missing or runs away people who find them can reach out immediately.
  6. Protection Round-the-clock: Purchase pet dog insurance as it will help to give the best medical care to your dog. The Bajaj Allianz Pet Dog Insurance policy also offers support when the pet goes missing. It also offers hospitalization and surgery expenses cover. Moreover, it provides six optional covers such as terminal diseases cover, OPD cover, long-term care cover, etc.

Your Pet Does Speak Only If You Know How to Listen

In the wake of the celebration do not forget to spend time with your PAWfriend. Your pet needs attention every once in a while. And who does not love attention? Shower your love on those paws. Rub their bellies, pet them by ear and praise them. Give them much love and make them feel special. Dogs are incredible pets who are joyous, lively, and can easily make you smile. Use the tips and let your pet also enjoy the season of festivities the way they want. You can also consider buying a pet dog insurance that will act as a shield against different expenses that could incur when treating your PAWfriend in case of an unforeseen event. Let us all come together and make the season of festivals pet-friendly. *Standard T&C apply   Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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