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Sep 17, 2019

3 DIY tips to help safeguard your home from unwanted elements during monsoons

There is no greater feeling than spending the weekends at home during monsoons. A hot cup of coffee, your favourite author’s book and rains - this can be the best combination to spend a cozy weekend at home. But as everything else, the rain has its own downsides. Be it the irksome insects or the mold on your furniture, there are a whole lot of problems that arrive along with the rains. But hold on to your spirits. There are quite a few DIY tips that can help you get rid of pests, molds and stains on carpet or upholstery. Read on to know more on what your daily food items or oils can do to get rid of monsoon problems at home. Pests: Oranges don’t just taste good they are helpful in removing those pesky pests from your home. Want to know how? Here is the solution: Requirements:
  • A 500 ml jar
  • 2-3 orange peels
  • Apple cider or vinegar
Method: Put the orange peels in the jar and add the vinegar or apple cider. Store for two weeks in a cool, dry place. Put the vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it all around your house to get rid of the insects. Isn’t it easy? Stains: It is very difficult to keep the carpets and upholstery clean during the monsoons. Do you find it difficult to remove the hard stains from your furniture or carpets? Here is an easy way to remove them. Requirements:
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1 tablespoon vinegar
Make a paste with the above ingredients and apply it on the spot with a dry cloth. Leave it for 2 days and then vacuum the spot for a clean carpet or upholstery. To avoid letting in the dirt you can place 2 water absorbent doormats. One at the outside and the other right when you come inside. This will help in keeping the dirt and mud away. Water damage to your furniture The rains can bring a lot of trouble for your wooden furniture. Who doesn’t want to sit in the balcony on their swing and laze around? But you need to protect that swing from rains and also take care of the other furniture. There is an easy DIY solution for this. Requirements:
  • Turpentine
  • Linseed oil
  • Steel wool
With a ratio of 2:1, mix the turpentine oil and linseed oil. Use the steel wool to go over the surface of the furniture. Then apply the mixture on the furniture with a soft cloth. This will help to keep the moisture and molds away from the furniture. To keep moisture from getting into the furniture, place the furniture a few inches away from the walls. Also, keep dry neem leaves in dark corners to avoid fungus. With the above DIY tips, you have secured your home from at least some of the unwanted elements. But what about the consequences of monsoon that are not in your hands? Do not fret! We have the Bajaj Allianz Home Insurance plan to help you. For more details, visit our website or talk to our executives now!  

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