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Jul 21, 2017


What is home insurance? Home insurance policy is a category of insurance designed to protect your home from perils like – fire, lightning, storms, cyclones, floods, earthquakes, burglary and theft. A comprehensive home insurance policy would not only cover the structure of the house but also the contents in it. Benefits of home insurance:
  1. It provides extensive coverage to both structure and the contents of your home.
  2. Your investment and assets are guarded from any unfortunate event.
  3. In the event of any setback you will have a financial back-up which won’t burn a hole in your pocket.
  4. You’re at ease as you know have a policy to fall back on in case anything goes wrong.
  5. Premium rates are generally pocket-friendly compared to the Sum Insured that is provided.
Who can opt for a home insurance policy? Any person who owns a property that is not older than 30 years can insure their home and the contents in it. Home insurance policy is also for tenants living in rented accommodation as they have the option to insure just the contents they own. What coverage do you get?
  1. Coverage against accidental loss or damage to content –
This is an essential coverage which covers furniture, fixtures (nuts, bolts etc.), fittings (installed/standing shelves etc.), cupboards, electrical fittings (lamps, lights etc.), sanitary fittings (washroom fittings), electrical and electronic appliances, crockery, cutlery, steel utensils, clothing, drapery, pedal cycles and other household articles.
  1. Coverage against accidental loss or damage to portable equipment
The gadgets that we have at our homes, which are portable and can be carried everywhere are indemnified in case of loss or damage.
  1. Coverage against accidental loss of or damage to Jewellery and Valuables –
Jewellery is an expensive investment, insuring our asset gives it the protection that it deserves. Bank lockers are not always safe and safeguarding them with insurance saves us from the post-accident stress. Our home insurance policy is extensive enough to cover jewellery and valuables. 
  1. Coverage for the accidental loss of or damage to "curios, works of art and paintings" -
A lot of homes have sculptures, vintage articles and paintings which are purchased for investment purpose. Any damage to them would mean losing a huge chunk of money, so a comprehensive home insurance should be that which covers any damage to such works of art. Now that we have listed the benefits of home insurance and the coverage that you get, do not wait any longer and give your home the protection that it deserves. For more details on home insurance and policy wordings, please visit our website.

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