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Feb 24, 2017

Things you should keep in mind while buying a Home Insurance

Bajaj Allianz Home Insurance

It doesn't matter if you stay in a one room kitchen or in a multi-story bungalow. Your home is the place which is closest to your heart, where you have invested your time, money and emotions. It is your most prized possession. You will always want to make sure that your nest is secured against potential threats like theft, natural calamities, fire and other misfortunes which can occur anytime.

The year 2015 witnessed a lot of destruction because of the Chennai Floods. Similar scenario was seen during the Jammu & Kashmir floods. This created awareness amongst people about the need to protect their property. How? By insuring it!

Home insurance is crafted to protect your home and its belongings against any natural or man-made calamities and also offers liability cover for accidents at home.

Why Should You Get Home Insurance?

Opting for home insurance will ensure your financial stability in case of damage to your property or possessions. At a relatively low amount or premium, the insurance company assures you that they will bear any losses that occur due to damage to your property.

Types of Coverage

A home insurance policy will cover:

  • Main structure of the home: In case the structure of your home needs repair or replacement, a designated amount of money will be paid
  • Contents: Your personal belongings fall into this category. Your jewellery, portable equipment, works of art, expensive paintings and valuables all are covered
  • Liability: Damage to others property is covered up to the stated policy limits
  • Loss of use: In case someone's house is totally destroyed, the person will need another place to stay until the place is repaired. This cost is also covered under home insurance

Tips to Choose the Best Home Insurance

Look for the Coverage and Premium

It is very important to evaluate the risks your home can face in the future. For example: If you live an area which is prone to floods, you should make sure that the risk of floods is covered in the policy. Apart from natural disasters, you should also consider damage to the property or the contents of your home due to man-made disasters like theft, house-breaking and snatching. Bajaj Allianz home insurance policy covers for jewellery, valuables, portable equipment, expensive paintings and works of art along with the structure of your home.

Also, you must also consider whether the premium fits in your budget. There is a whole range of coverages and premium tailor made for you. You can chose the one that best suits you and opt for that.

Know the Add On Covers

Along with the basic covers, it is also important to look for a coverage which gives you extra benefits. For example: If you lose the keys of your house, the insurance company pays the cost. Some add on covers include dog insurance, loss of wallet cover, loss of rent cover.

Check the Claim Settlement Ratio

You should always look out for the claim settlement ratio of the insurance company. A person might pay a meagre premium but if his claim is rejected in the time of need, the very purpose of buying an insurance will be defeated.

Look for Financial Stability of the Company

Financial ratings of the company speak for its financial stability. Bajaj Allianz has IAAA rating by ICRA which indicates financial strength of the company. This indicates that the customers will always be kept at priority.

Your home is one of the major investments you make in life and you should certainly keep a check on these points before you choose a home insurance. Do take a look at the best home insurance plans.


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