Yoga Exercises for Beginners
Jun 21, 2019

Yoga for Beginners – A Complete Guide for Newbies to Get Started

Since it is International Yoga Day, we thought it would also be a great idea to list a few “asanas” (poses) for beginners to start off with. Once your body gets accustomed to the easy poses you can eventually move to the complicated ones and make yoga an integral part of your wellness routine. Here are some simple asanas that you can begin with: Tree Pose This pose improves your sense of balance, strengthens your legs and back. Place your right foot on your left thigh and keep your left leg straight while maintaining balance. While inhaling lift your arms over your head and bring both palms together. Keep your spine erect and take a few deep breaths before you exhale slowly. Downward Facing Dog Pose This pose strengthens your back and spine and provides additional blood flow to the head. Stand on your heels, bend down and touch the floor mat with both your hands, lower your head while your hip stays up. As you bend down, lower your head but don’t rest it on the floor. You can slowly lift your heels and put them back down while pushing the upper body at regular intervals. Triangle Pose This pose stretches the legs and the torso and makes you breathe deep, encouraging more controlled breathing. Stand with your legs wide apart keep the left leg straight and stretch out your right leg at a 90-degree angle. Keep standing in that position and make each arm touch the ground, one at a time and keep inhaling and exhaling. Stretch as much as you can and ensure the body is bent sideways and not forward or backward. Chair Pose This powerful pose is said to strengthen the arm and leg muscle. Stand straight with your feet slightly apart, stretch your arms but don’t bend your elbow. Bend your knee and keep coming down as you would while sitting on a chair, remain in that position and keep breathing. Keep your arms parallel to the ground and keep your back straight. Boat Pose This is another effective pose that strengthens the abdominal muscles, shoulder and the back. Lay on the mat with your feet together and arms resting by your side. Take a deep breath and, while exhaling, slowly lift your chest and your feet and bring them closer in a straight line. Keep your arms stretched out and straight in the direction of your feet and remain in that position till you can feel your abdominal muscles work. As you exhale, come back to the ground and relax. We hope these poses are easy for you to begin your yoga journey. Remember to consult a physician before beginning a new workout routine or if you experience pain. While you approach a healthy lifestyle, we encourage you to explore health insurance in India and get insured so that you are covered, in case of medical emergencies. Having insurance not only helps you monetarily but also gives you tax benefits. To know more about various health insurance policies and the extensive coverage offered by them, please visit our website.

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