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Tips On How To Take Care Of Kidneys
Mar 14, 2019

World Kidney Day: Everything You Must Know About Taking Care Of Your Kidneys

Kidneys are one of the most vital organs in your body. Your well-being largely depends on the excellent functioning of these bean-shaped organs, which are responsible for filtering and excreting waste products from your body. It is very important that you know the basic hygiene to take care of your kidneys and also know about the precautions you need to take in order to prevent kidney diseases besides investing in a financial safety net such as medical insurance. In-line with the theme of World Kidney Day 2019 – “Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere”, here are a few preventive measures that can help you avoid kidney failure.
  • Kidney diseases often go undetected, as there are no default symptoms to identify the onset of these diseases. Thus, you should consult your doctor and undergo a simple urine test - Albumin Creatinine Ratio (ACR), which will help your doctor analyze the health of your kidneys.
  • Also, you can get a blood test done - Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) that will indicate how your kidneys are performing the filtration function.
  • If you suffer from diabetes , high blood pressure or have a family history of kidney failure, you might be at a higher risk of suffering from acute and chronic kidney diseases. Thus, you should go for regular health check-ups. Also, you should insist on getting done the above-mentioned blood and urine tests so that the kidney diseases can be detected early and the treatment for the same can be started immediately.
  • You should adopt healthy habits like quitting smoking, exercising regularly, limiting alcohol intake, drinking plenty of water and eating healthy.
  • While eating healthy is a good practice, you should also keep your blood sugar controlled. In addition, you should follow a low sodium diet, which will maintain your blood pressure levels to normal.
We hope that you follow these basic routines to keep a check on the health of your kidneys. We aim to take care of your health and also take care of your finances in case you suffer from a medical emergency. Thus, you should opt for buying a critical illness insurance plan from Bajaj Allianz, which can cover you for 10 major critical diseases including kidney failure.

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