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World Heart Day
Apr 6, 2019

World Health Day – Creating Global Health Awareness

Every year since 1950, World Health Day is celebrated on April 07. This day is observed for creating global health awareness all over the world. Different regions in the world have different topography, environment, climate and different habitat. The impact of these factors plays a huge role in shaping the health and adaptability of the people living in the various regions of the world. Thus, the theme for this year’s World Health Day is “Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere.What is Universal Health Coverage? Universal health coverage means that people all over the globe should have easy & quick access to professional doctors, health care services, medicines, insurance policies and adequate funds for treatment. It also ensures that the health of the people is being taken care of even when they are not sick. Prevention of diseases and spreading awareness about health care is also a part of UHC (Universal Health Care). Bajaj Allianz’s Wellness Platform – Pro-fit At Bajaj Allianz, we have launched our wellness platform – Pro-fit, which offers health care at your fingertips and thus enables you to take care of your health. You can use this platform to read health related articles, to book appointments with your doctor, to track various health parameters such as kidney profile, liver profile and thyroid profile; to store a digital copy of your health records, to track the weekly status of your fitness and manage all your health insurance policies at one place. Anyone can easily access this platform, just by downloading our Insurance Wallet app. Primary health care and universal health coverage are two very important agendas that need immediate attention from everyone. You can keep yourself & your family healthy, fit and covered by ensuring that you have an adequate medical insurance policy, which can take care of your finances during medical emergencies and assure you quality health care services at network hospitals with the benefit of cashless claims.

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