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Significance of Your Health Insurance Policy Document
Jul 21, 2020

Why is Your Health Insurance Policy Document Important?

Health insurance is an insurance product that can safeguard your finances in case of medical emergencies such as a severe accident, sudden hospitalization, diagnosis of a critical illness, daycare treatments etc. With so much unpredictability it is important that you choose an appropriate health insurance plan.

Once you have decoded what is health insurance and decided which insurance policy to buy, you will have to fill up the proposal form and submit it to the insurer along with other important documents. Your insurer will dispatch the health insurance policy document to your address once your proposal is accepted by them and they have received the premium from you.

Your health insurance policy document is a proof of insurance and is very important as it contains all the information about the coverage, features, benefits, Sum Insured etc., provided to you by your insurance plan. It is an agreement between you and your insurance company to insure you based on your proposal and the premium paid by you.

You can find the following details in your health insurance policy document:

  • Policy Number
  • Plan type
  • Policy Period
  • Name, age and other personal details of all the people covered with the policy
  • Scope of the cover varies with the type of policy provided to you by your insurer
  • Complete details of the coverages offered to you by the policy opted by you
  • Definitions of the various terms, related to insurance, which are used in the policy document
  • Exclusions of your policy
  • Conditions for insurance renewal
  • Details of the terms & conditions, when a claim arises
  • Information about your Sum Insured and cumulative bonus
  • Conditions for cancellation of the policy
  • Details about free look period and portability conditions
  • Grievance Redressal Procedure

Once you buy health insurance , your health insurance policy document is now available online also. You can download the same by visiting the official website of your insurer. The insurance companies might also send the same on your registered mail ID. Insurance companies also send the hard copy of this document on the communication address provided by you.

While it is not possible to carry your policy document everywhere with you, you should always have a scanned copy of the same with you. It is best advised that you carry a health care card with you, which is provided by your insurer once the policy is issued. This health care card bears your policy number and can be used for your personal health insurance plans in case of an emergency. Having your documents in place helps you to identify the expenses that will be paid by your policy and also have all the contact details handy, in case of a health insurance claim.

Hope this article clears your doubts and you comprehend the importance of a health insurance policy document.

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