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Why is organ donation low in India?
Aug 24, 2017

Organ Donation in India

The need for organ has gone up substantially all over the world. India too suffers from acute organ shortage with little to no solution for this issue. It is estimated that every year 1.5 lakh people suffer from renal failure out of which only 3000 people get donors. Similarly, every year around 2 lakh people die of liver failure or cancer and rarely get any help in the form of organ donors. It is the same for heart patients, for every 50,000 heart attack patients there are only 15 hearts available for transplant. Therefore, we need widespread campaigns to spread awareness about organ donation in India and to bridge the gap between supply and demand. The numbers that are mentioned here are estimates and real numbers could be far more than this, it is scary because this means very few people get relief and get a second chance in life. Reasons for shortage of Organ donors in India Ignorance and lack of knowledge People are not informed enough about the benefits of organ donation. Today we are blessed with social media and so many other forums where we can promote the positives of organ donation and how it will save so many lives if more people register themselves for organ donation. Myth and Superstition Many people do not want to donate their organs even after death because of so many myths and superstition they are instilled with. People with existing medical condition or old people who wish to donate, do not donate thinking they won’t be eligible. Almost everyone can donate some part or the other unless you have any extreme medical condition. Why should you donate Organs? Of the 1.5 lakh people who need kidney in India only 3000 people receive them. Only 1 out of 30 people receive kidney. 90% of people in the waiting list die without getting any donor. 70% liver transplants are dependent on a live donor but 30% dependent on cadaver (corpse) donations. How can you register as an Organ Donor? In India, there are several NGOs and hospitals who assist you in the process of organ donation. Always pledge under an organization that registers your consent with the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO). A potential donor can also approach organ donor agencies for donor card. Alternatively, one can visit the following websites and register themselves as a donor. It doesn’t take much to help someone or give someone life. Take charge of this noble cause and help people out. Even while you help people out, make sure you have a health insurance in place as it can help you in both cases - as a donor and a receiver. Bajaj Allianz’s Health Insurance not only covers the amount spent on the receiver but also covers the expenses spent on the donor. Visit our website and learn more about our health insurance policy.

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  • Rabindra Kumar das - March 6, 2019 at 2:15 pm

    Nice suggestions in the article.

  • Naveen Nagpal - February 26, 2019 at 1:29 pm

    I’m 82 Times Blood Donor. JBT Teacher from district SIRSA Haryana

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