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Avail the best health policy with maximum benefits
Nov 18, 2015

Maximize Benefits From Your Health Insurance Policy

The term comprehensive means that it is all inclusive. The same goes with comprehensive health insurance; it is a policy that gives the advantage of covering various benefits. You wouldn’t have to invest in many policies if you choose the best comprehensive health insurance policy that covers many benefits. Thus, you save time on choosing and maintaining various policies when you invest in the best comprehensive health insurance policy. You can choose additional covers along with your basic health insurance policy depending on your needs and preferences.

Why Invest in an Individual Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy?

We often believe that a health insurance policy offered by our employer is sufficient. But, if you don’t invest in an individual health insurance policy, other than the one offered by your employer, it might create challenges in future. As you age health challenges mount thus, the cover offered by your employer’s health policy might not suffice. It’s vital to have a standalone comprehensive health insurance policy that can cover rising medical costs. It proves to be useful if you switch jobs.

These are Some of the Benefits that You Can Add to Your Basic Health Insurance Policy:

Critical Illness

A critical illness insurance plan covering life-threatening diseases insures you against the risk of serious illness. It provides you with the security of a lump sum cash amount if you are diagnosed with critical illness. All companies have their respective list of critical diseases covered. Some of the critical illnesses that may be covered are cancer, coronary artery bypass surgery, first heart attack, kidney failure, major organ transplant, permanent paralysis of limbs etc.

Hospital Cash

Sometimes the hospital expenses may rise and you might have an extended stay at the hospital. But, these expenses can mount and burden you suddenly. There are also incidental expenses like the transportation cost, money spent on travelling from hospital and back home, and nursing expenses. These costs will be taken care of by the hospital cash cover added to your comprehensive health insurance policy.

Extra Care

Extra Care is an add-on cover to the existing base health insurance policy. For example if you have a base health insurance policy of 3 lakhs you might choose an Extra Care cover of 7 lakhs. How does this help? If you are hit by a sudden health challenge and you exhaust 3 lakhs of the basic cover, you don’t have to worry. The Extra Care cover triggers, which you can use during this critical period. So when the basic health insurance policy doesn't suffice, the Extra Care cover comes to your rescue.

Personal Accident Cover

The Personal accident cover is a compensation for bodily injury or death caused due to an accident. In these times of serious crisis it’s vital that you have a solid financial support, which is provided by personal accident insurance. Some of the benefits from the Personal Accident cover are:

  • 100% of Sum Insured would be paid to the nominee in case of death due to accidental bodily injury of the proposer
  • 200% of the Sum Insured is paid to the proposer in case of the Permanent Total Disability due to accidental bodily injury
There are other benefits too that you are entitled to with a personal accident cover. It is advisable to study the exclusions under the personal accident cover. You can make the most of your health insurance by choosing the best comprehensive policy with additional covers to your basic policy. So when you think of health insurance, think about investing in the best comprehensive health insurance plan.

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