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Key Features of Health Insurance
Sep 30, 2020

4 Important Features of Health Insurance

Haven’t we all heard the most popular phrase of all time, ‘Survival of the Fittest.’ While a majority of people swear by this quote, the unpredictability of life takes everyone by surprise. Needless to say, the chances of being prone to unannounced diseases has rapidly increased which takes a toll on our healthy lifestyle. To help you battle the threat of serious medical conditions, insurance companies created health insurance policies. Due to its diverse benefits and varied features, the importance of investing in health plans has significantly increased. Before purchasing a health plan for you and your entire family, explore significance of health insurance: The rising costs of hospitalization expenses have made it necessary for every individual to invest in a health plan for their family members. There are times when a policyholder cannot afford the hefty charges of hospitalization. Since this is a commonly faced problem by middle-class Indian families, the prime motive of health insurance policies is to provide financial support in times of emergencies. When you invest in a health insurance policy, the medical treatments are taken care of with proper financial assistance. Irrespective of your economic condition, you can simply avail the best services of network hospitals provided by insurance companies. Under a health plan, you not only get allowances of tax benefits but also cashless benefits that eventually help to save money for the future. Keeping the needs of every individual in mind, health insurance policies can be customized to match the requirements of every individual. An ideal health plan ensures the best medical treatment for your entire family, provides you with the right peace of mind and covers all your medical expenses. It is your duty to check for these benefits when you opt for one. Before you purchase a health plan, take a look at these four key features:
  1. Cashless Benefit
Cashless benefits is one of the major factors to be taken into consideration while buying a health insurance policy. The cashless feature can be availed only if your insurance provider has is associated with network hospitals where you can make a cashless settlement. Availing a plan by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance means ensuring your policy is supported by a large network of hospitals that allow cashless benefits.
  1. Numerous plans
Ideally, a health plan is for every individual of different age groups. Whether you are looking for health insurance for senior citizens, children or your families, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance has a plan for you. This is simply because our policies are exclusively crafted keeping the requirements of every individual in mind. Take a look at the offered by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance:
  1. Pre-existing disease cover
To understand whether your policy provides a pre-existing disease cover, look for its waiting period. Depending on the type of plan, certain insurance companies allow the pre-existing disease to cover to its policyholders. Before purchasing a policy, a policyholder might suffer from diseases like diabetes, kidney failure, cancer, and so forth.
  1. Pre and post hospitalization
Typically, this feature allows coverage for pre and post hospitalization costs incurred up to at least 30-60 days before the hospitalization. While the pre-hospitalization charges include consultation with the doctor, check-ups, medicine costs, the post-hospitalization charges cover the charges for recovery or rehab. Now that you know you are aware of these features provided by health insurance, you can make the most out of your plan. Considering these key pointers will simply allow a policyholder to land with the best health plan. At, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, our health plans ensure the safety of your families in the long run.  

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