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Celebrate Mother’s Day indoors with the simple yet fun ideas
Sep 14, 2020

Mother’s Day: 7 Ways to Pamper Your Mom at Home

Who is the most special person in your life? Undoubtedly, it’s your mother. And, why not? She loves and cares for you unconditionally and is always providing for you. It doesn’t matter if your mom is a home-maker or a working professional, adventurous or cautious person, a good cook or a good dancer, she is someone that you will always find standing with you and cheering for you. But, have you been always there for her? Well, it’s nothing but your time that your mom craves for. And, this quarantine is the best way to give her exactly that. Whether you are house locked with your parents or are staying far away, you can always make your mom feel special, even if it’s just with a 2 minute phone call (better if it’s a video call). Here’re 7 ideas to celebrate mother’s day at home and brighten up her as well as your day:
  1. Let her know what Sunday actually means: While most of you are fast asleep till almost midday on a Sunday, your mother is working laboriously in the kitchen to make your Sunday lunch special. And, she also makes sure that no one else wakes you up unless you are actually ready to get out of the bed. Let this Sunday, which is Mother’s Day, be the reversal of what has been happening for so long. You can get up early for a change on this Sunday and ask your mother to rest a little bit longer than every day, which we are sure will not happen. After all she’s a mother! You can cook delicious lunch for the special day and surprise her with your novice cooking skills. Believe it or not she will not get tired of praising your efforts!
  2. Play online games with her: Your mom must have scolded you or complained to you for being too busy on your phone and laptop all the time. Today can be the day to reveal your secret to her. Introduce her to online gaming and watch her explore and learn the new platform. You might be surprised with her learning skills, when she defeats you in your own game!
  3. Take a trip to the past: You can revisit your childhood, which is the best phase of a mother’s life, with your mother. You can open that trunk of memories and of the archives that your mom must have preserved to have a sneak peek when no one’s around, just so that she can feel your presence. You will be amazed to listen to all the stories that she has in store for you from your childhood.
  4. Bake a cake: There must be limited items that you have at home due to the lockdown, but you can still bake a cake with minimal ingredients. Explore the recipes that are easy and the ones that you can do on your own. See to it that your mother doesn’t help you, which of course she will, but then you can have a fun time baking the cake together. You can even learn some of her techniques to improve your baking skills till the next Mother’s Day.
  5. Watch a movie together: You and your mother might not be able to get the time to watch a movie together. This might also be due to conflict of interests. But, on this Mother’s Day, you can watch a few movies together. Some of them can be of her choice and a few of them can be chosen by you. Don’t forget to pass comments and make the experience more enjoyable and funny.
  6. Capture the #MyCaringMOMents: You might want to capture these lovely and fun loving moments to make a good story on your Instagram and Facebook account. But, these will be the moments that you and your mother will cherish for a long time. Whether you believe it or not, but these will be the memories that you will want to share with your kids, when you become a loving and caring mother/parent.
  7. #GiftABetterEmotion: Any special day is incomplete without a gift. While it must be difficult for you to give something to your mother, as she is the one always giving you the gifts, you can still express your care and love for her. Besides your time and attention, the ideal gift that you can give her is something that can take care of her, while she takes care of you. One of the best ways to convey that you care for your mom is by making sure that she has access to the best health care services and is covered financially in case of any medical emergency. And, a health insurance policy for your mom with Bajaj Allianz can be the best way to ensure this. You can visit our website and browse through various health insurance plans and choose a plan that can be the best gift from you for your mother.
Here’s wishing all the beautiful and loving mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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