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Important tips to secure your loved ones during Coronavirus outbreak
Aug 18, 2020

How to Secure Your Loved Ones Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak?

In the wake of Coronavirus pandemic, “health safety” concerns are quickly turning into health anxiety, for families. Even if no one in your surroundings has the virus, the fear of “what if” is hard to shed off. Research published in Elsevier depicts how the general public is facing elevated levels of health worries and Cyberchondria. Most of this is linked to the worsening coronavirus situation. Families consisting of senior citizens, newborns, pregnant women and vulnerable groups, can best understand the gravity of this matter. Needless to say, securing your loved ones is your top priority, in such a scenario. The margin for error is thin, and the consequences are dire. Therefore, alongside the routine safety precautions, you may want to consider investing in a health insurance cover for the family. Let’s dive into some proven methods by which you and your dependents can pull through the pandemic, unscathed. 1. Social Distancing The most widely accepted and practically feasible tactic is to distance yourself from the carriers of the virus. Till the time a dependable cure for the Covid-19 arrives in the market, staying at home is the best solution. Having said that, it’s necessary to address the ramifications of Social Distancing as well. It comes with its own challenges such as job loss, overthinking, shortage of supplies, and mobility restrictions. The following points can help practice healthy social distancing. ● Seeking Work From Home Alternatives Even as the National Unlock procedure is underway, many people are still continuing their employment from home. Seeking Work From Home opportunities as a substitute, or as an addition to your current work, can help you maintain distancing. This reduces the risks associated with stepping out more often. ● Contactless Delivery Both e-commerce and the service sector, have begun offering contactless delivery. Whenever you are shopping online or seeking a local service, try to go for contactless delivery, to be on the safer side. Apart from deliverable products, companies now give contactless options on health insurance for Coronavirus, as well. ● Socializing From Home Social distancing doesn’t mean you’re barred from socializing at all. The internet offers a number of avenues for connecting with your distant friends and family members. Keeping in touch offers a much-needed release of emotions, allowing you to stay mentally healthy. 2. Safety Precautions It’s rightly said that in such times, your safety is in your hands. Taking regular and stringent precautions is no more a health advisory but inevitable protocol. Some critical safety precautions are listed below. ● Sanitize Inbound Objects Make sure to sanitize everything that enters the premise of your home. Don’t accept shipments with faulty packaging and inadequate Covid-19 SOPs. Keep a sanitizer handy for guests, maids and workmen entering your home. ● PPE Kits Personal Protective Equipment Kits are all the rage as the virus enters the community transmission phase. It’s important to cover your face and body properly if you’re heading out for a longer duration. Keep PPE kits handy for each family member, to avoid cross-contamination. Ensure all PPE kits are regularly cleaned after use. 3. Coronavirus Health Insurance In addition to the general health insurance that your family members might already have, getting them insured against Covid-19 bolsters their safety. According to a Hindustan Times article, just the basic treatment for a Covid-19 positive patient may incur up to 20,000 INR per day. For a significant percentage of people, this is their monthly income. Not to forget the emotional and health adversities that the virus brings upon an individual and their family. Therefore, investing in corona insurance for family is a smart step, which is available at fractional costs, compared to the treatment. Some key points to remember in regards to Corona Insurance are as follows. ● Does the whole family need to buy the insurance? Many companies are offering Individual as well as coronavirus insurance for family, wherein benefits are offered to all the members. In this way, the entire family can be insured at once, and there’s no need to buy separate insurance for everyone. Given the uncertain nature of the disease, insuring the entire family makes a lot of sense. ● What is special about coronavirus health insurance?Hospitalization: The insurance covers Covid-19 health tests, hospital and doctor fees, and amenities needed if you’ve tested positive for Covid-19. ○ Post-hospitalization: There is the availability of healthcare facilities offered to insured patients once they’re discharged from the hospital up to 90 days, for the best recovery. ○ Alternative Medicine: If the patient wants to opt for alternative forms of therapy such as Homeopathy, Ayurveda, etc, those can also be accommodated in the insurance plan. ○ Day Care: Patients can claim coverage for daycare needs that require them to be hospitalized for less than 24 hours. ○ Convalescence: The recovery period is also insured for the patients. This includes a grant of 5,000 per year if hospitalization is needed after treatment. Health insurance plans such as the Corona Kavach policy offer coverage for even more expenses related to COVID-19. Conclusion Dealing with the uncertainty and the rampant fear associated with the virus doesn’t come easy. Healthy Social Distancing, Safety Precautions and Coronavirus Insurance for family, are thee major lines of defense. Improve your Corona safety by strengthening your preparedness, so that you don’t have to worry about remedy later.

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