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10 precautions to take during the monsoon
Jun 28, 2017

10 Precautionary Measures For a Safe Monsoon

Monsoon brings us the much-needed relief from the summer heat. The environment is relatively cooler and there is lush greenery surrounding us. As the environment goes through a rejuvenating makeover it also brings a lot of health hazards. The change in weather and the sudden drop in temperature makes it necessary for us to be extra cautious about our health. Our bodies are more susceptible to diseases during monsoon as it weakens our immunity system. Apart from investing in a vector/dengue insurance cover to counter those illnesses, we list few precautionary measures to help you stay disease-free this monsoon.
  1. Avoid getting wet in the rain, never step out of the house without an umbrella or raincoat.
  2. Eat right, eat healthy. Include a lot of fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables in your diet so that your body gets all the protective nutrients to boost immunity.
  3. Drink hot fluids like a hot bowl of soup or green tea that will provide your body with the warmth it needs in this temperature.
  4. Stay away from street food and wash all vegetables and fruits thoroughly in clean running water especially the green leafy vegetables.
  5. Consume only boiled, filtered water. Carry your water bottle everywhere and avoid drinking water from outside.
  6. Always walk on dry surfaces and avoid walking through water puddles as it can lead to numerous fungal diseases. Apart from that, whether you are staying in or going out always apply a strong mosquito repellent.
  7. Continue exercising even during this season to sweat out the symptoms of flu and cold before it develops into a full-fledged fever.
  8. Avoid the consumption of alcohol and smoking as it weakens immunity.
  9. If you get drenched in rain, come home and take a bath to normalise the body temperature and remember to wash your face, hands and feet every time you go out.
  10. And most importantly, remember to drink lots of water as it helps in flushing out the toxins from our body.
Follow these guidelines and stay healthy and safe during monsoon. Exercising precaution under every weather condition is mandatory. It is as important as having a health insurance policy as it protects you from sudden financial expenses if and when there is an illness. For more details on an extensive health insurance policy suitable for your needs, please visit our website.

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