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How to not get your health insurance claim rejected?
Aug 22, 2016

How to Avoid Health Insurance Claim Rejection?

We all have heard horror stories about denied health insurance claims .These stories strike fear in our minds. What if we need to get a surgery done and our health insurance company denies our claim? Or even worse, what if our family members need medical care and we run into a denied claim?

In order to avoid these nightmares, here are 5 simple ways to avoid denial of health insurance claims.

1.Know Your Policy

In most of the cases, customers are unaware of the inclusions and exclusions of the policy and thus fail to understand the coverage. Since the policies are full of jargons such as waiting period, coinsurance & other definitions related to health insurance, it is always advisable that a person must take time and go through the terms and conditions of the policy thoroughly. The customer should do this in the look-in period and ensure that the policy meets his expectations and needs. Always feel free to get your doubts clarified from the customer care of the insurance company.

2.Fill Your Own Proposal Form

People tend to be lazy sometimes and end up giving their proposal form to someone else to fill in the details. This might create discrepancies in the form and can be a reason for claim denial. You should also verify the details mentioned in the form before submitting it to the insurance company.

3.Disclose Accurate Information to the Insurer

You should always provide accurate information about your age, occupation, income and medical history in terms of pre-existing diseases etc., since each health insurance policy is individually fashioned according to information provided by the policyholder. Often, health insurance claims are rejected because of non-disclosure or misinterpretation of information. Hence providing accurate and correct information is essential to avoid any future hindrances during claim settlement.

4.Go For Add On Covers

Don’t think about saving a few bucks by just opting for basic covers. Add on covers promise you additional benefits which go beyond the coverage of a basic health insurance policy. Physiotherapy expenses, expenses for day care procedures and air ambulance are some of the add on covers.

5.Opt for Network Hospitals for Your Treatment

Insurance companies partner with a number of hospitals to offer convenient payment options via cashless health insurance plans. Unless necessary, you must always try to avail the services of a network hospital that your insurance company has tied-up with. This will help expedite the claim process and significantly reduces the chances of a claim getting rejected.

 Claim settlement is one of the major aspect which a person looks for while buying a health insurance policy and we try to provide hassle free claim settlement to each one of you! Do take a look at the health insurance plans available!

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