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1 Crore Health Insurance
Mar 17, 2021

1 Crore Health Insurance

As we move into the era of life-threatening diseases, protecting ourselves and our family is the prime need of the time. In these crucial times, Health Insurance comes as the vaccine as it protects our economic health. To understand what is 1 crore health insurance, it is vital to first understand the term Health Insurance. Health Insurance is an insurance which covers your medical treatments such as organ transplantation, chemotherapy, dialysis, emergency hospitalization, etc.

What is 1 crore health insurance?

So as we now know what is health insurance let us understand what is 1 crore health insurance. There are multiple coverages in health insurance starting from Rs. 1 lac. In these modern times, the cost of medical treatments have become far more expensive than a decade ago. In India, a large number of people prefer private healthcare to public healthcare treatments. Thus, a 1 crore health insurance has become a common necessity because people not only cover themselves but also their families. There are many people putting their lives and the lives of their families at risk by not opting for adequate health insurance covers. Additionally, opting for a lower plan and finding out a major illness or disease later on such as cancer or dialysis can result in huge financial costs. This is so because once an illness is diagnosed, buying a 1 cr health insurance plan won’t help you. For instance, You are traveling in a car and met with an accident. The accident results in severe injuries that require immediate surgery to be undertaken. The total cost of your surgery amounts to Rs. 30 lacs which exceeds what your current insurance plan covers. In such a situation, a 1 cr health insurance plan comes to your aid which is most likely to cover all the expenses for such unforeseen circumstances. Generally, people prefer to opt for a lower plan so as to pay a lesser insurance premium. In that difference of a few thousand rupees, they ignore the fact that if a catastrophe occurs, they would end up paying lacs. Some common benefits of a 1 crore health insurance include ambulance cover, inpatient hospitalization, automatic restoration of sum insured, renewability, no claim bonus, pre and post hospitalization, etc. The new 1 cr insurance individual and family health insurance policies also cover daycare procedures such as cataract, small joint repairs, gallbladder removal, tendon and muscle repair, etc. In the current times, a 1 cr health insurance covers all major health risks not only for you but also for your loved ones. The future is uncertain and precaution is always better than cure!  


  1. Who should you preferably buy the 1 crore insurance plan? This plan should be bought by:

    • If there a critical illness in the family
    • If you are above the age band of 40 years
    • If you are responsible for your family and are the sole bread earner
  2. Do I need to pay the premium for health insurance every year till the age I die?

    • No, you have an option to opt for different paying periods such as 5/8/12/15 years.
  3. Why should one choose a 1 crore health insurance plan?

    • Imagine you or your family member is diagnosed with a disease which is life threatening, during that time arranging sufficient funds is a challenge above that the regret of not taking adequate cover. Better to be safe than sorry.
  4. I have a habit of smoking, eating tobacco, etc. Is Insurance available for me?

    • Yes, no matter what habits you have, you can avail health insurance.
  5. Is there a way to avail insurance without taking out my own money?

    • Yes, cashless is a facility available where the client does not have to take out a single penny and the bill is settled by the insurance company itself.
  6. What happens if the renewal date is missed?

    • Fortunately if the renewal date is missed you can renew it for the next 30 days where you get the same benefits as the previous policy. Please note during the additional 30 days the client is not covered for any claim.
  7. If I buy 1 crore health insurance is there any limit on how much I can claim in one go?

    • No, there is no limit on how much one can claim in one go. Till the point your sum insured is exhausted you can claim the end number of times.
  8. Is there any income tax benefit for taking online health insurance?

    • There is a deduction under 80D upto 25000 for self, spouse and children. An additional 25000 is available for parents if aged below 60 and if above 60 a deduction of 50,000 is available.
  9. Is there a difference between online health insurance and taking it physically?

    • The basic coverage is the same online or offline, but there may be the case that online health insurance would have different deals than traditional insurance.

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