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This World No Tobacco Day, quit tobacco for a healthy heart
May 31, 2018

World No Tobacco Day: Say No to Tobacco & Say Yes to Healthy Heart

World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) is observed every year on May 31. World Health Organization (WHO) first proposed the observance of this day in 1987 with an intention to encourage people all over the world to refrain from the use of tobacco in all forms on May 31. Since then there have been many awareness programs and campaigns organized every year to promote the benefits of quitting tobacco consumption. This year WHO has adopted the theme “Tobacco and Heart Disease”. Its main focus is to raise awareness about the impact tobacco has on the cardiovascular health of people all over the globe. Fact Sheet The following table lists the figures which show the fatal and ill effects of tobacco consumption. Tobacco Consumption and Heart Health The chemicals present in tobacco damage the heart and the blood vessels, causing them to function improperly. Nicotine present in tobacco causes the blood vessels to shrink, which restricts the normal flow of blood and oxygen in the body. To fulfill the requirement of oxygen in other body parts, heart beats more rapidly than it should, which results in increased heart rate and heart enlargement. The narrowing of blood vessels can also cause chest pains and irregular heartbeats. These abnormal conditions of the heart and the blood vessels raise the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. It may also lead to untimely death of a person due to heart attack, heart failure or stroke. Studies have shown that smoking is a major reason behind CVDs (Cardiovascular Diseases). The harmful effects of tobacco include:
  1. Lowering good cholesterol
  2. Raising triglycerides (fats)
  3. Increasing the risk of blood clotting
  4. Damaging the cells that line the blood vessels
  5. Increasing the deposit of plaques in the body
Tobacco is prepared from nicotine rich leaves of a tropical American plant. The presence of nicotine makes the habit of tobacco consumption addictive, which is why many people who try to quit do not succeed. Second-hand smoke damages the inner lining of blood vessels of a non-smoker and also makes their blood cloggy, raising the risk of stroke by 20-30%. As the old saying goes, health is wealth. Tobacco has negative effects on health of everyone; people who consume and people who do not consume tobacco. In accordance with the theme of WHO, choose your heart’s health over tobacco on this World No Tobacco Day. Our medical insurance plans can cover you for most of the diseases caused by tobacco consumption. Learn about the critical illness policy by Bajaj Allianz and insure yourself and your family against the risk of severe illnesses.

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