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Home Insurance Wall-To-Wall Protection
Mar 5, 2019

Home Insurance & Protection for your Home

Fulfilling your and your children’s dream is the sole purpose you work so hard. You build your own house, one of your most valuable assets, which is one of the few initial steps you take to achieve your dreams. The chef in you awakens on the weekend to try out the new recipe you got from your colleague. But unfortunately, you end up damaging the oven and taking your family out for weekend brunch. Your daughter dreams to be a painter when she grows up. Her first masterpiece is your newly painted wall, ‘decorated’ with rainbow colors. Your son wants to be a cricketer, but instead of hitting the ball out of the boundary, he ends up breaking the imported & exquisite vase that your wife loved so much. Imagine these dreams of yours turning out to be a nightmare with the additional burden of the expenses you need to bear for the replacement and repair of these expensive products. We understand that your home and its contents are very valuable to you. While you do your best to protect them, some unplanned accidents might cause a financial setback to you. You can set aside the worries related to the damages done to your home and its contents by getting a home insurance quotes from Bajaj Allianz..

Our home insurance policy provides wall-to-wall protection to your abode of happiness and ensures that you lead a stress-free life with a smiling face always. With our home insurance policy, you can safeguard not only the structure & contents of your house, but you can get coverage for your portable equipment as well. We extend our care towards you and aim to be financially and emotionally with you during unfortunate events like ATM withdrawal thefts, loss of rent, lost wallets, key & lock replacements and death of your beloved pet. Our new brand essence – Caringly Yours, is a promise to you that we will always care for you and strive to keep the smile on your face. Always. Our home insurance policy is just our way to demonstrate that we are there for you, whatsoever the situation might be. Checkout the home insurance policy offered by Bajaj Allianz, make sure to check the additional covers and their impact on the premium amount using a home insurance calculator.

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