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M-Care Health Insurance by Bajaj Allianz Covers Vector Borne Diseases
Jul 21, 2020

What is the M-Care Health Insurance Policy?

While mosquitoes have always been a cause of nuisance, the recent increase in the vector borne diseases have made them one of the most dangerous species of small insects. These diseases spread rapidly and affect your health largely.

The common symptoms of the vector borne diseases are:

  • High Fever
  • Severe Cough and cold
  • Headaches
  • Sore muscles
  • Chills
  • Skin rashes

The vector borne diseases completely drain out your energy and leave you in a distressed and a weak state. Also, what comes along with these diseases is the huge hospital bill and the expenses of the medical tests & medicines.

At Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, we know what you go through during such times and thus we have designed a health insurance policy - M-Care Health Insurance Policy, to cover you for all the major vector borne diseases.

Here's what you should know about this medical insurance policy.

Coverages under M-Care Policy:

Our M-Care health insurance policy covers 7 major vector borne diseases:

  • Dengue Fever
  • Malaria
  • Filariasis
  • Kala Azar
  • Chikungunya
  • Japanese Encephalitis
  • Zika Virus

Features of M-Care Policy:

Following are the features of our M-Care dengue insurance  policy:

  • Sum Insured (SI) options range from INR 10,000 to INR 75,000
  • Cashless claim facility
  • This is an annual policy
  • Coverage available for self, spouse, dependent children and dependent parents
  • Entry age for self, spouse and dependent parents is 18 years and for dependent children is 0 days

Benefits of M-Care Policy:

Following are the benefits of our M-Care health insurance policy:

  • We offer this policy at affordable premium rates.
  • We disburse the lumpsum amount to you on the diagnosis of any of the diseases listed above.
  • Lifetime renewal option is available.
  • Free look period of 15 days is available.
  • We provide immediate assistance to cater to your financial needs.

A small sting can cause a lot of trouble. We encourage you to take precautions to wipe out the mosquitoes; we also want you to be safe in case anything goes unplanned.

Visit our website today & buy our M-Care health insurance policy to get yourself as well as your family covered from the deadly attack of these vectors. Explore the various other types of health insurance plans that are available, to receive a more comprehensive coverage for all your medical needs.


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