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There could be a plethora of reasons why you identify with wanderlust. Whether it’s because travelling lets you relax and rejuvenate, go on adventures or get in touch with yourself, if it’s a central part to your happiness, we understand.


Being a seasoned traveler, in addition to the joys of travelling, you must also be aware of the all the things that can go wrong while you’re away from home. We respect and admire the fact that such threats and uncertainties have not been able to suppress your spirit or love for travel. That is why we have specially designed a range of Travel Insurance Policies just for you! 


Travel mishaps like loss of baggage, medical emergencies and delay or cancellation of flight can burn quite a hole in your pocket when you’re away in a foreign country. Our Travel Insurance Policies are designed to provide you a financial cover and cushions you against such losses.


However, if uncertainty about the premium is holding you back from getting yourself the protection of a Travel Insurance Policy, then our Travel Insurance Calculator is here to help.


The Travel Insurance Calculator gives you an estimate on your Travel Insurance Policy premium to any place on the planet. You can now calculate the premium for different insurance options and chose one that suits you best.


That’s a solid question. Listed below are some ways in which the Travel Insurance Calculator can prove to be of great help

  • Helps You Make an Informed Decision

    When you think about Travel Insurance, is one of your first thoughts about the premium? Well, understandably so since how much something costs is quite central to the purchasing decision.

    With the help of our Travel Insurance Premium Calculator, you don’t have to talk to several people or indulge in internet research only to still be uncertain or misguided. You can find accurate information within the matter of a few minutes and make an informed decision, all from the comfort of your home. 

  • Quick and Hassle Free

    We know that there are many things on your travel checklist that you need to tick off while planning your trip. From packing all your essentials to having a solid itinerary, you need take care of every possible aspect of your trip to avoid any unpleasant situations while away.

    We’ve therefore designed our Travel Insurance Premium Calculator to be super quick so that it doesn’t eat away into your precious time. You can find out the premium amount for different policy options while you take a quick coffee break from all that travel planning.

    Additionally, the Travel Insurance Premium Calculator rids you of the trouble of having to do all that calculation yourself and that’s always a plus, right?

  • Allows You to Plan Your Travel Budget

    Look, we get that other than the flight tickets and accommodation, there’s a lot more that demands spending during a vacation. Right from shopping for the trip before you leave to making sure you have souvenirs for all your family and friends while returning and everything in between, travelling can become a costly affair really quick. That’s why it’s so important to budget.

    Our Travel Insurance Premium Calculator helps you know just the amount you’d need to secure yourself the protection of a Travel Insurance Policy. This will help you plan your travel budget successfully.



Just some basic details to help us get an idea of what you’re looking at, so we can be on the same page and provide you with the required cover.


●        Type of travel - solo or group

●        Purpose of the trip - work, leisure or education

●        Age

●        Gender

●        Travel destination

●        Number of days

●        Choice of sum insured 


Before deciding on your travel destination there are lots of different factors you take into consideration, right? It’s an important decision after all. We too consider several different factors to decide on the amount of premium that you’ll have to pay.

  • Age

    We believe that age is just a number and people of every age should experience the joys of travelling Thus, we have a range of Travel Insurance Plans that cater to your needs irrespective of your age. However, your age does play a role in determining the premium amount.

    For instance, the premium for senior citizens may be higher since they are more prone to accidents and medical emergencies.

  • Travel Destination

    Just like the cost of flight tickets to different countries differ, the premium of our Travel Insurance Policy also differs depending on your travel destination. You can opt for one of the following:

    ●        Worldwide including USA and Canada

    ●        Worldwide excluding USA and Canada

    This difference is owed to the fact that the healthcare costs, among other things, differ in different countries. 

  • Number of Days

    You might want to go on a short trip of 7 days or take a long break of 3 months. Whatever is your choice, we’re here to cover you. The number of days you want to spend at your dream destination would help in determining the premium. 

  • Sum Insured

    Another factor that plays an important role in deciding your premium amount is the sum insured. Usually, the greater the medical coverage in the plan, the higher is the premium.


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