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Jan 18, 2023

Why Do You Need Insurance Even When Traveling Within Your Country?

Whether you are travelling solo or with your friends and family, every trip requires thorough planning. It saves you from committing travel mistakes such as overpacking, underpacking, creating an over-ambitious itinerary, and more. While these blunders can be tackled, there’s one aspect of travelling that you can’t even imagine missing out on — getting a travel insurance plan. While it is a legal obligation in several countries, travel insurance is imperative even if you are travelling within Indian borders. Not sure why? Read on to understand why you need a domestic travel insurance plan while travelling within India.  

Reasons why insurance is important for domestic travel

We all know that life is unpredictable in both good and bad ways. This unpredictability stays constant for our domestic travel plans as well. However, do we have to let the possibility of something going wrong hinder our travel experience? Not if you have a domestic travel insurance plan handy. An insurance plan for domestic travel can help you in following instances:
  • Loss of tickets

Misplacing your flight, train, or bus tickets is one of the worst situations to even imagine. However, with a domestic travel insurance plan, you can rest easy even if this nightmare becomes a reality. Since your insurance provider will reimburse the lost ticket, the vacation spirit can live on until you get the next booking. *
  • Cancellation or delay of flights and trains

Here’s an imaginary situation: you are enthusiastic about an upcoming trip with flight tickets booked, itinerary created, travel essentials purchased, and you hear the news, “Your flight has been cancelled/delayed”. This notification can spoil the entire trip. Finding accommodation, booking another flight/train, and spending on food for the extra time can ruin the excitement. A domestic travel insurance plan will cover the expenses incurred during such circumstances beyond your control. It will also cover flight or train delays due to factors like political unrest and bad weather conditions as well. In case the waiting time exceeds five hours and you are compelled to book another ticket or stay in a hotel, you can claim reimbursement from your insurer. *
  • Personal liability benefit

Accidents can at times be inevitable. Staying protected against such unforeseeable situations is a must, especially if you want coverage against third-party damages and liabilities. A domestic travel insurance plan will cover you against injuries and damages incurred by the third party. *
  • Accidental injuries

Accidents while travelling will ruin your trip. However, it will also cause you to exceed your budget. However, with a domestic travel insurance plan at your disposal, you can steer clear of expenses incurred on the treatment of accidental injuries. This insurance plan will also cover you against one-day hospitalisation, emergency medical evacuation to your city/town or to the nearest hospital. *

Things to consider before you buy travel insurance

Now that you know why you need travel insurance for domestic trips as well, let's understand the things you must consider while buying domestic travel insurance:
  • Assess the coverage you need

Before you settle on an insurance plan, gauge your coverage needs based on the duration and activities planned for the trip. If the plan entails adventure activities like skiing, hand gliding, scuba diving, etc., go for a policy that offers higher coverage. In fact, do not forget to confirm that your travel insurance plan covers adventure activities you plan on undertaking. However, if you are going on a trip to relax and unwind, you can opt for a domestic travel insurance plan with lower coverage. *
  • Number of trips

This point is especially important for those who plan on taking multiple trips in the same year. In case you are looking forward to more than one trip, pick a multi-trip plan. These plans enable you to purchase travel insurance once and stay covered for all your trips during the policy tenure. It will ensure that you do not have to go through the process of buying insurance over and over again. Opt for a bundled plan if you are travelling with your family or as a couple. *
  • Premium and restrictions

The destination can play a huge role on your premium amount. If the city, country, or town is considered to be a high-risk area, your premium amount is bound to be higher. Moreover, do not forget to check the age restrictions if you are travelling with your family. Senior citizens are generally covered under travel insurance up to the age of 85 without undergoing any medical tests. In case your parents and grandparents are travelling with you, check out travel insurance for senior citizens. These plans are specially designed for travellers over the age of 71 years. * * Standard T&C Apply  

To conclude

Before you choose an insurance provider, do not forget to understand their inclusions, exclusions, and claim settlement process. Go through different plans online and select the one that suits you best. While travel aggregator websites allow you to insure your trip, it's best to buy it separately after thorough research from an insurance provider.   Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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