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What is Travel Insurance?
Jun 20, 2021

Travel Insurance Terms Demystified – How Does it Work

Have you travelled on a holiday lately and not bothered to buy a travel insurance policy? Often we don’t understand the importance of travel insurance. Investing in travel insurance policy is an imperative for every traveler; a truism in the world of insurance but yet ignored by many of us.

When you read this article we are sure that you will agree with us. Travel insurance guards you against unexpected incidents and keeps you prepared while you enjoy your travel. The first time you opt for travel insurance you will realise that the terms are too complicated for a layperson to understand. Whenever you buy travel insurance it’s necessary to know these terms so that you can make the most of this investment.

Travel Insurance Terms Demystified

Delayed Baggage

When you take a flight and your baggage is delayed it causes panic. You get worried about how you would manage without your luggage? Delayed luggage facility is designed to cover the cost of clothing and toiletries until you get back your luggage at your destination.

Keep the receipts of the items that you purchase so that your travel insurance company can provide you with the cost you have borne. Also, remember that you have to get a letter from the airlines in which they confirm that your baggage was delayed mentioning the time for which it was delayed.

Emergency Medical Expenses

This section of travel insurance is vital for you to understand. When you travel to a distant land you don’t know what would be the cost of medical expenses there. If you fall sick and the country you are visiting has expensive medical treatment it would burden you excessively. This facility covers for the cost of emergency medical treatment abroad.  In the event of any medical emergency insurance companies are at your service as they have a customer service line that can guide you.

Repatriation Expenses

Sometimes it's necessary to go back to your home country in case of an emergency. If you have to return back to your country travel insurance covers the repatriation cost too.

Personal Accident Cover

In case there is an untoward incident whilst on a holiday and suffer from a bodily injury, which leads to death or permanent disability, the nominee would receive a payment as specified in the terms and conditions of the policy.

Passport and Travel Documents

You might lose your passport or travel documents accidently or by theft. Travel insurance covers the cost of replacing your passport or travel documents. When you need a replacement passport while you are abroad, your travel insurance company will help you to get in touch with your nearest Consulate Office and cover for the cost.

Now that you know the crux of the travel insurance terms it would be easier for you to invest in travel insurance with much more awareness. Just in case you still have some questions on international or domestic travel insurance visit our website to know more.

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