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International Travel Insurance Checklist
Jun 13, 2023

Checklist to Choosing an International Travel Insurance for a Hassle-free Travel

Traveling abroad can be an exciting adventure and a dream-fulfilling experience. Traveling abroad can be for two reasons whether you are going to enjoy it or you are a student, in both cases, you need to focus on a few things before you are ready to board a flight. It’s important to ensure that you have the right insurance coverage to protect yourself from any unexpected and unfavorable incident. So here we present a comprehensive checklist that you need to take care of before traveling to any place abroad:
  1. Understand Your Travel Needs: Analyse your travel requirements first. Take into account elements like the location, length of your trip, the activities you plan to engage in, and any current medical conditions. This will enable you to decide on the kind and amount of coverage needed.
  2. Medical Coverage: Comprehensive medical coverage should be part of international travel insurance policy. Make sure it offers cover for hospitalisation, repatriation, and any medical emergency. Look at the Verify the coverage limits and the waiting period, if applicable.
  3. Pre-existing Medical Condition: If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, let your insurance provider know about them. Some policies may provide coverage for pre-existing conditions, while others might require the purchase of additional riders or premiums. To avoid surprises, make sure the terms and conditions are clear.
  4. Trip Cancellation and Interruption: Most travel insurance offers cover trip interruption and cancellation. If you must postpone or cancel your trip due to unforeseeable events like illness, injury, or natural disasters, this cover is extremely beneficial. Ensure to go through the terms and conditions, particularly understanding the allowed reasons and reimbursement limits.
  5. Checked-in Baggage and Personal Belongings: Ensure that your travel insurance covers loss, theft, or damage to your checked-in luggage and other personal belongings. Verify any specific items that may be excluded or require additional coverage, as well as the coverage limits.
  6. Travel Delay: Look for coverage that offers reimbursement for missed connections and delayed travel. If you encounter substantial delays or miss connecting flights due to reasons beyond your control, this might assist with covering costs for lodging, meals, and transportation.
  7. Emergency Assistance Services: Make sure that your insurance plan offers round-the-clock emergency support. This includes having access to an emergency helpline, help to locate medical facilities, and, if required, coordination of emergency evacuations.
  8. Evacuation and Repatriation: Confirm that your insurance covers emergency medical evacuations to the next appropriate medical institution and, if necessary, repatriation to your home country. This coverage is critical in the event of serious illnesses or injuries requiring specialised medical care or returns home for recovery.
  9. Adventures, Activities, and Sports: If you intend to engage in adventurous activities or sports while on vacation, make sure your policy covers them. Generally, a cover for engaging in high-risk activities remains uncovered.
  10. Read and Understand the Policy: Before getting insurance, read it thoroughly. Keep an eye out for coverage restrictions, exclusions, claim procedures, and documentation requirements. If you have any concerns or issues, contact your insurance provider.
  11. Keep Copies of the Important Documents: Make copies of your insurance policy, the insurance provider's contact details, and relevant documents like medical records or prescriptions. During your travel, keep both physical and electronic copies handy.
  12. Choosing Travel Insurer: Look for reputable insurance companies that provide global coverage. To choose the best option for your needs, compare the conditions and prices of the various online travel insurance.

Some Additional Tips

  1. Passport and Visa: Make sure your passport is updated and valid for at least 6 months after your return date. Apply for your visa as early as possible and check the requirements of the destination country.
  2. Vaccinations: Make sure you have taken all the doses of covid vaccine and the vaccine necessary for your destination country, keep the certificate handy as well as the e-certificate.
  3. Money: Make sure you have enough cash and converted it into the currency of the destination currency.
*T&C apply

The Bottom Line

International travel insurance is a vital component of vacation preparation that should never be overlooked. Following this complete checklist will ensure that you have adequate coverage to protect yourself from unexpected events while traveling overseas in 2023.     *T&C apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.  

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