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How to Choose Best Travel Insurance
Jun 1, 2021

5 Tips to Choose the Best Travel Insurance Plan

Holidays are meant to unwind and rejuvenate. But, while you travel you are also concerned about your safety and want to be secured against unforeseen incidents. The challenges that can occur while you travel are loss of baggage, valuables, passport, cancellation of flights and medical expenses. While you choose the best travel insurance plan you have to keep in mind certain points so that you have a carefree holiday. Here are some pointers to help you choose the best travel insurance plan. Travel safely and have a secure holiday by choosing the best travel insurance plan this vacation.

Follow These Tips to Choose The Best Travel Insurance

Compare and Choose

Compare the benefits and advantages that your travel insurance plan is offering you. When you opt for the best travel insurance plan it is advisable to go beyond the cost of the plan to understand the benefits that your insurance company is providing. Visit a couple of websites of different companies to compare their respective offerings. Ask your insurance provider what are the additional covers that it offers. Maybe you can take an additional cover based on your peculiar needs. Learn how to compare travel insurance plans on our website.


The exclusions will tell you what will not be covered in your travel insurance policy. Discuss with your travel insurance provider what the exclusions are so that you have no unrealistic expectations when you go for a claim.


The sum assured or the size of the cover depends considerably on the destination you are set to visit. The sum assured will depend on which country you plan to travel and how expensive are the healthcare expenses there? Based on this information decide your travel insurance policy. Generally, premiums are high where the healthcare costs are high. Healthcare costs are higher in countries like USA, Canada, France and Germany as compared to South East Asian countries.

Claim Settlement Process

The best travel insurance provider will be the one which has an efficient claim settlement process. You have to know the claim settlement process of your insurer and keep their toll-free helpline number handy while you travel. It is advisable to get your insurance from a company which handles the claim settlement process in-house so you have a hassle free experience.

Holiday Plans

Are you planning an adventurous trip like trekking in difficult terrains, going for skiing, kayaking or other water sports? A basic travel insurance policy will not cover the risks involved in these activities. So the best travel insurance policy for you will include a special coverage with an additional cost.

Travelling is exciting but don’t let any kind of untoward incident mar it and leave you unenthused. Whenever you set to go on a holiday, be sure that you have checked travel insurance reviews. It helps you to choose best travel insurance policy to have a perfect holiday.  Visit Bajaj Allianz website to make the best choice of travel insurance policy. Share this article with your friends and relatives while they set to travel this Diwali vacation.

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