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Add-on Benefits on Comprehensive Motor Insurance
Oct 26, 2013

Comprehensive Motor Insurance: Opt for Add-on Covers for More Benefits

Consider this… Abhishek has bought a new car, and paid a basic policy premium of INR 15,000. Due to the rainy weather, he had a mishap where he ran into a tree. Due to this accident, there has been extensive frontal damage to the vehicle. In such a situation, while a large part of repair costs would be taken care of by his policy, he would still have to spend at least INR 30,000 from his own pocket to get all repairs and replacements done. On the other hand, had he opted for an add-on cover such as a depreciation cover at the time of purchasing his motor policy, he could have saved a massive part of the cost borne by him, by paying a mere INR 5,000 a year. With the ever growing prices of products, it is no longer easy for people to incur major unexpected expenses. In such cases, having an alternate option that helps optimize costs is always good. This example is particularly true in case of your bike or car insurance policy. The situation shared above, is a clear indicator of how a few extra thousands can help you go a long way in case of your motor policy. The concept of motor insurance add-on covers are fairly new across the industry, thus leaving a lot of people unaware of the benefits it comes with when taken over and above a basic motor policy. In most cases, while a basic motor policy covers repair and labour costs, the replacement of spare parts is not taken care of in full. There is depreciation in the amount paid out to the policyholder. In some situations, the standard car insurance / bike insurance policy quite possibly may not be sufficient to cover all the involved costs. As a result, insurers have turned to offering a customized solution which caters to the individual need of the customer. Some of the commonly available motor add-on covers currently available in the market are as below. Add-on covers that can prove beneficial Depreciation shield: An add-on of this type is perhaps one of the most beneficial cover that can be opted for. In case of any basic motor policy, the only cost that is fully covered is that of the basic claim amount on any repair that has taken place. However, often the damage that occurs may involve the replacement of car parts too. The cost involved in such part replacement is usually high, and also payable out of your own pocket. Taking the zero depreciation bike insurance or car insurance cover helps, as this cover takes care of the complete repair and replacement cost, thus practically negating any major cost that would otherwise have to be borne by you. Round-the-clock roadside assistance: Another extremely helpful car insurance cover that can be opted for is that of the 24×7 roadside assistance cover. You can never be sure when your vehicle may break down or get involved in some unfortunate incident. The 24×7 spot assistance cover offers mechanical assistance and benefits ranging across a flat tire, minor repairs, towing assistance, and even assistance, such as medical coordination and legal advice, if required. Engine protector: This type of add-on is particularly useful for anyone residing in areas that are highly prone to floods. Usually, for people residing in such areas, the vehicle is subject to risks such as floods, water logging, etc., which could create major damage to the engine. A standard motor policy would not suffice in these circumstances. Therefore, in such cases, taking an add-on cover like the ‘engine protector’ is advisable, as it covers any engine-related damage that may occur to the vehicle. While a basic motor vehicle insurance policy is common, one cannot forget that it does not necessarily cover all the costs that could come your way. At such times, the variety of add-on covers offered is the best solution to opt for. The next time you are looking to make the most of your motor insurance and are looking for a comprehensive cover, it is recommended that you seek to obtain an add-on cover, as per your requirement. To learn more about our bike insurance, car insurance products and the benefits it offers, please click here!

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