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Nov 22, 2021

Give Your Mom the Gift of Insurance on This Mother’s Day

“Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.” – Barbara Kingsolver Once a year we get to celebrate a woman, a bond and a figure who symbolizes existence and love. Mother’s Day celebration is an age old tradition which began in the early 20th century to honour the services and sacrifices made by our mothers. The whole point of the day, since its inception was to appreciate their efforts, tell them what they mean to us and to be around them. Our mothers are our first friends, teachers, guides, doctors, confidantes and everything else that they can be. They are the ones who put our needs in front of theirs and are with us through thick and thin. We get only one day of the year to celebrate them, to appreciate what they to do for us, and to express our gratitude and the best way to do that is to provide assistance for them for the times when we are not around. An insurance is the most meaningful present for your mother as it is for the long-term and will help them every time they will avail it, here we list few insurance policy options that can be of great help to your mother.
  1. If your mother has the travel bug and you want to gift your mother a trip anywhere in India or around the world add a travel insurance policy to her trip as the policies have medical cover, accidental cover, trip cancellation cover, trip delay cover etc. Every cover is tailor made to help her if at all things go wrong during her trip.
  2. Gift your mother a health insurance policy, Bajaj Allianz has a wide range of health care policies that cover anything from day care procedures to critical illnesses. If anything unfortunate were to happen to your mother in your absence, a health insurance policy will take care of all the hospital expenses needed for her treatment.
  3. Our mothers make our home, they are extremely passionate about keeping our homes neat and beautiful all the time. Take your mum furniture shopping, let her enjoy shopping for her home and once she is done decorating her abode, insure the contents as a content policy for home, covers almost all the perils from burglary to fire.
  4. If your mother loves being on the road on her scooter or car along with the mandatory motor insurance policy get her the liability only insurance absence, a health insurance policy that will help her if she meets with an unfortunate incident on road caused due to her vehicle.

Over to You

We hope this helped you select the right kind of insurance policy, as protecting our mothers and their needs comes before anything else. To learn more about our products and for policy wordings please visit our website.

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