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Feb 3, 2023

Roadside Assistance in Car Insurance: Meaning of 24×7 RSA

If you have a car or are planning to buy one, you may come across the term roadside assistance. Roadside Assistance (RSA) is a coverage that offers much-needed relief to the vehicle owner whose vehicle breaks down or has a mechanical failure. Without the cover, it can be overwhelming for the vehicle owner to be stranded in unfamiliar places without any access to a mechanic. In such a scenario, having an RSA cover is extremely handy. Usually, the RSA cover is an inherent part of most comprehensive car insurance plans. While having third party insurance is compulsory, having comprehensive car insurance is essential to provide broad insurance coverage for your vehicle. However, standard comprehensive car insurance plans do not offer RSA; you need to buy it as an add-on cover with your base car insurance policy.

What Coverage Does the Roadside Assistance Service Provide?

Once you understand the meaning of RSA, the next step would be determining its inclusions and exclusions. Here are some common incidents covered in RSA:
  • Fuel delivery

    If you have car insurance that includes RSA and run out of fuel, the insurance company will arrange up to five litres of fuel for you. They will have the fuel delivered to your location. The exact quantity of the fuel and the number of times the service can be availed varies based on your policy terms and conditions. *
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown

    If your vehicle has broken down on the road or at home, the insurance company will arrange for a mechanic to repair it at the site of the breakdown immediately. You can either jump-start your car or tow it to the nearest service garage. The common changes often include minor electrical or mechanical repairs, battery issues, or replacement of a flat tyre. *
  • Alternate vehicle

    If your car is undergoing repairs and you need to reach your destination urgently, or it will take too long, you can contact your insurance company. Your insurance provider will arrange an alternate vehicle to ensure that you reach your destination. *
  • Towing

    If your vehicle insurance includes RSA and is involved in an accident or breakdown, your insurance company may arrange the towing for you. Your car may be towed to a nearby network garage or any other authorised service centre. *
  • Medical assistance

    If your insured vehicle is immobilised and you need urgent medical assistance, you can contact your insurer. They will arrange it for you. However, the medical bills and the costs of treatments are usually borne by the policyholder or their health insurance provider. *
  • Arrangement of a hotel stay

    If your car is being repaired and taking too long, you can contact your insurance company. Depending on the scenario, your insurer may arrange a hotel stay near the garage where your car is being repaired. However, depending on the policy’s terms, the accommodation cost may be borne by you or your insurance company. *

What are the Exclusions of Roadside Assistance?

Knowing the policy exclusions are equally important as knowing what is covered. Here are some of the common things exclusions in the cover:
  1. The insurance company offers policyholders a fixed number of times when they can file for a claim. If you have exhausted the number of times, you can take an RSA coverage, your claim might be rejected. *
  2. The claim will be denied if your car is used for racing or any other illegal activities. *
  3. The RSA claim may also be rejected if the repair is done without informing the insurance company. *
  4. If the driver is found to be drunk, your car insurance coverage may be denied. *
  5. The insurance will only be valid if the driver is found with a valid driving license. *
  6. If you can carry your car without the assistance of the insurance company and still attempt to use the assistance of your insurer, you may not get the required coverage. *
The RSA cover comes in handy during emergencies. However, it is vital to know that the insurance company's assistance must be paid for and is not covered under most car insurance plans. For example, if you use the fuel provision under your RSA cover, your insurance company will provide you with the required fuel. However, you will have to pay the charges for it. Also, keep a check on your car insurance renewal by paying premiums on time. *   *Standard T&C apply  Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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