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Vehicle Fitness Certificate
Jan 21, 2024

An Depth Guide on Vehicle Fitness Certificate – Charges, Procedure and More

Ensuring that a vehicle is roadworthy and meets the required safety standards, is a crucial aspect of responsible ownership. The Vehicle Fitness Certificate plays a pivotal role in this regard. Let's dive into all you need to know about this certificate in India, its significance, the process of obtaining it, and why it matters for vehicle owners.

Understanding the Vehicle Fitness Certificate

It is essentially a document that verifies the roadworthiness and compliance of a vehicle in terms of road fitness. As a vehicle ages, it’s working also gets impacted with time. While a vehicle is serviced multiple times in its lifetime, its performance gets affected gradually, which in turn affects the overall fitness of the vehicle. In India, where the fitness of the vehicle is given priority, this Fitness Certificate can ensure that the vehicle is completely safe and fit to be driven on the roads.

Why is the Vehicle Fitness Certificate Important?

The following factors make this certificate an important document for your vehicle. Similarly, your car insurance policy is a vital piece of document you are required to carry at all times as per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1989:

Legal Requirement

Obtaining and displaying a valid Vehicle Fitness Certificate is a legal requirement in India. Driving a vehicle without a valid certificate can lead to fines. Repeated offense may lead to the suspension of your licence or the cancellation of your vehicle’s registration.

Road Safety

The certificate assesses the overall condition of the vehicle, including essential components such as brakes, lights, and steering. This ensures the vehicle is in a roadworthy state, minimizing the risk of accidents due to mechanical failures. A motor insurance policy might provide financial assistance for damage or injuries* in case of an accident, but it cannot guarantee the fitness of the vehicle. Hence, the aspect of road safety is taken into consideration.

Environmental Impact

The older the vehicle, the higher the emissions. The certificate emphasizes the importance of controlling vehicular emissions, a critical factor in combating air pollution. It mandates that vehicles meet specific emission standards to reduce their impact on air quality.

Obtaining a Vehicle Fitness Certificate

Follow these steps if you wish to apply for a vehicle fitness certificate online:
  1. Head to the Parivahan Sewa website, operated by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
  2. Click the Online Services option and go to the Vehicles Related Section on the website
  3. Select the state, enter your vehicle’s registration number and select the RTO
  4. Select the Apply for Fitness Certificate option
  5. Enter your vehicle’s chassis number and your registered mobile number to receive the one-time password
  6. Submit the OTP. Check your vehicle details. You need to enter your insurance details. For example, if it is a bike that requires a fitness certificate, enter the Bike insurance policy details
  7. Submit the details, and make the payment online on the website
  8. Take the printout of the payment receipt and the application form, which also contains the application number
Visit the assigned RTO with the application number and other required documents on the date and time assigned to you. and get your vehicle inspected. If the vehicle is found to be unfit during inspection, the RTO will delay the certification till the repairs are done. After the certificate has been issued, you can keep a soft copy of it on your phone. You can download a fitness certificate either from the Parivahan app or you can visit the Parivahan website and download the certificate. To get the certificate offline:
  1. Get a printout of the application form either from the Parivahan Sewa website or from the RTO
  2. Fill out the forms and submit them along with the required documents to the RTO
  3. After submission, pay the fees for the certificate
  4. Get your vehicle inspected by the RTO on the date allotted by them

Renewal Of Fitness Certificate

Just like obtaining a fitness certificate, you can renew the fitness certificate of your vehicle either online or offline. The validity of the certificate is 15 years. Once the validity is over, you are required to renew the certificate to continue using the vehicle. On the Parivahan Sewa portal, you need to apply for renewal, provide details, submit documents, and pay the fees online. This will be followed by a visit to the RTO and renewal of the certificate. For offline renewal, you need to fill up the form and submit it in person. For a car, the cost of the certificate is: Manual ₹400, Automatic ₹600 For a bike/scooter, the cost of the certificate is: Manual ₹200, Automatic ₹400 The cost of renewal is ₹200. But if the renewal is delayed, an additional charge of ₹50 is levied every day.


The Vehicle Fitness Certificate is more than just a piece of paper; it's a commitment to safety, environmental responsibility, and compliance with the law. As vehicle owners, obtaining and renewing this certificate should be a routine part of our responsibilities. It can not only ensure vehicles are in optimal condition but can also contribute to a cleaner and safer driving environment for all.   *Standard T&C Apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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