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First Party Car Insurance: Benefits, Inclusions & Exclusions
Dec 14, 2022

How Many Car Insurance Claims Can be Made in a Year?

Owning a car is one of the best feelings in the world. A feeling that cannot be expressed in words and is a significant investment. If you own a car, third-party insurance is a mandate to ply on the Indian roads. However, it is of utmost importance to have a comprehensive car insurance policy. In case the car gets damaged under any unforeseen circumstances, with a car insurance plan in place you need not stress about the finances. What remains prudent is filing a car insurance claim. The process of notifying the respective car insurance company for the compensation of the vehicle damaged is known as filing the claim. Thinking, how many claims are permitted in a car insurance policy? Read ahead to know about it.

Car Insurance Claims Allowed in a Year

Usually, on the number of claims, there are no restrictions you can make within the car insurance policy in the year. It is important to understand that a car insurance claim directly affects the No Claim Bonus. Moreover, repeated car insurance claims in a year also imply an increase in the premium while renewing the insurance policy. Anyone who chose a zero depreciation cover, then there will be restrictions on the claim numbers that can be made in a year within this cover. However, the claim numbers might differ from insurer to insurer. You might be wondering how many car insurance claims are too many. Well, to answer it, depends on the claim type and vehicle damage extent. Make a wise choice when raising a car insurance claim. See whether the incurred damages are minor like a broken mirror, bumper dent, etc., or collectively major. Understand the severity of the damage and only then opt for a car insurance claim.

What if Multiple Car Insurance Claims are Made?

As discussed above, as such there are no limits on the claim number. Yet, it is better to be mindful when it comes to filing a motor insurance claim. Here we have enlisted some key reasons that would enable us to understand that multiple car insurance claims should not be filed:
  • Increase in Car Insurance Premium: For anyone who files multiple claims in a year, the insurance company is likely to increase the premium while car insurance renewal. Multiple claims imply that the individual poses a high risk to the insurer. To cover it the insurer is likely to increase the car insurance premium.
  • No Claim Bonus: The No Claim Bonus is essentially a discount on the premiums earned when making no claims during the last policy term. The discount percentage increases with each consecutive claim-free year. If you file no car insurance claims for five years, this discount can easily go up to 50%. It means that if you make a car insurance claim, you will lose the status of NCB. A good way is to have an understanding of the repair cost for the incurred damage. Claim only if the repair costs are higher than the NCB discount.
  • Deductibles: When the repair costs are low or merely high than the mentioned deductible in the policy schedule, do not file a claim. In case you file a car insurance claim, insufficient compensation will be received because of the deductible aspect.

Over to You

You can easily buy car insurance online. Today filing a car insurance claim is no more a tedious task when done online. However, it's vital to comprehend that whether every claim needs to be filed or not. Ensure to have an active car insurance policy in place. File the claim as per the need as it does come along with a fair share of drawbacks. If not used smartly, you can have more losses than being monetarily safeguarded. File the car insurance claims judiciously and do not forget to read the terms and conditions.  

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