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How To Protect Home
Nov 26, 2019

How to protect your home from theft?

Home is where the heart is! It is the most secure place for you and your family and it’s very important to keep it protected throughout. As you always take care of your family members, you need to take proper care of your home too, so that it is not vulnerable to intruders or burglars. With modern, there are quite a few options to keep your home safe. Let’s look at some of them: Smart alarm: A smart alarm is a complete solution for keeping burglars away. With indoor and outdoor camera systems connected to your phone, along with the alarm, you can monitor what’s happening in and around your home. They also work inform you about gas leaks, fire and whether your family member has reached home or not. Video doorbell: A quick trick burglars use to see whether the owners are at home or not, is to ring the doorbell. A smart video doorbell is a basic smart security system that allows you to see and answer from anywhere, protecting your house at all times. Motion sensors: A motion sensor intimates you about any movement in certain parts of your home. It warns you of any trespassers and also protects the home from burglars. Motion sensor lights: Thieves always look for dark places to hide out. Install motion sensor lights. This will surely deter the thieves and keep your home secure. These are some of the smart systems to keep your home burglar free but if you are not too convinced with them, there are some other techniques too, to keep your home safe and protected. Let’s take a look at them: Always keep your doors and windows locked: This is the easiest way to keep your home safe. Thieves always look for open door or window and sneak in through them. Check your locks: Whether it’s the front door or the door of the backyard, the locks should be of good quality. You can look for smart locks with pins. They are quite safe. Use timers: Thieves mostly target those homes which are empty. Make use of light, TV or radio timers that switch on and off automatically when you are away and give an impression that you are home. Don’t let your mail pile up: Ask your neighbours to check your mail box and ask your newspaper agency to stop giving you newspaper for the time you are away. Be mindful of your trash: Yes! What you throw in your trash is an indication to the thieves what you have bought. Do check what you throw out. Dispense your trash smartly. Own a dog: Dogs work as deterrents for thieves. If you love dogs, give them a home and also protect yours with their presence. Buy a good home insurance policy: This is one of the most important things to do. A comprehensive Home Insurance Policy, like that of Bajaj Allianz, will not only protect you from thefts, but also from natural calamities, man-made disasters, content and valuable theft and more! So be it smart systems or the other ways of protecting your home, keep your home safe from thieves and buy Bajaj Allianz Home Insurance Policy today!  

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