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Feb 28, 2015

Why Do You Need a Sound Health Insurance Policy?

Several people still ponder over what is health insurance? Well, health insurance is not just an option any more. It is a necessity to keep yourself and your family secure from the rising medical costs. Unfortunately, not many people pay adequate heed to the policy details while getting health insurance. Today’s world is fraught with risks, diseases and occupational diseases, which is why it is prudent to buy a health insurance policy early on. This health insurance plans cover financial expenses arising out of medical treatment. This includes specialized plans to cover critical illnesses and personal accidents. With a sound health insurance plan, you can make sure your hospitalization, diseases, and accidental injury bills are covered without leaving you in a financial crunch. In this article we list some of the key reasons why you need to invest in a sound health insurance policy and what you should include while getting health insurance for yourself and your family. Why Do You Need Health Insurance  Get Cover from Unexpected, High Medical Costs You may be able to fit in a few doctor’s visits and prescription bills in your monthly expenditure but unexpected expenditures arising due to hospitalizations for accidents or serious diseases can leave you in a financial lurch. With a good health insurance plan you can cover for these medical emergencies without getting into a crippling medical debt. Most people, especially when they are young tend to avoid buying health insurance. However, even if you are fit and healthy, unexpected events like accidents can happen. Moreover, lifestyle-related diseases have become extremely common. This medical emergency in turn can wipe out your entire savings in a jiffy. Get the Best Healthcare for Yourself and Your Family Health care costs have become increasingly expensive. When you have a medical insurance policy, you get the best health care for your family when they need it the most. You do not have to compromise on the quality of health care due to lack of funds. This is especially important if you or your family member should suffer from a critical illness that can require repeated hospitalizations and surgeries.  Enjoy Value Added Services  With your health insurance, you can enjoy a number of value added services. For example with the Bajaj Allianz Health card, you get discounts and offers at health and fitness centers across the country. These include OPD discounts at select outlets, discounts on wellness tests and many more lucrative offers.  While selecting the health insurance plan, it is important to select a suitable plan. There is no one-size-fits-all health insurance policy. The plan that you choose should address specific needs for yourself and your family. So choose a plan that has expansive cover for illnesses and health conditions. In case you have family history for a particular health condition like heart ailments, you can look for add-on covers like a Critical Illness Policy that meets your specific requirements. It is also important to check if the coverage is affordable for you or not. Scour the insurance landscape to find the health insurance plan that meets your budget and requirement. There are different types of health insurance policies to suit your needs and budget. To find the best cover for yourself and your family, check out our health insurance plans.

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