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Health insurance for children: A necessity
Feb 4, 2019

Importance of Health Insurance for Children

It is not only grown-ups but also kids who fall ill. Nowadays, hazardous infections such as chikungunya, malaria and swine flu easily infect children, as their immunity is still developing. Due to the rise in the pollution levels, children today are susceptible to different kinds of allergies, which requires medical attention. Moreover, they also injure themselves several times while riding their bikes or playing. With the rising costs of health care services, there is a dire need for deeper health insurance penetration in Indian markets.

Importance of Health Insurance for Children

  • Children are more likely to get sick – Kids have a weaker immune system as compared to adults and thus they are prone to illnesses more than them. Also, their capability to fight infections is poor. In case of children, even minor issues like getting injured, cold & cough or hairline fractures can lead to a major ailment if proper treatment is not administered to them. With health insurance, you can take care of the expenses related to these medical situations.
  • Children need more medical attention in their growing years – Children tend to fall sick often, which increases the chances of emergency visits to the hospital. Also many times they contract diseases while playing or while attending school. Kids often fall ill when they come in contact with kids who are already infected/sick. With their growing age, this tendency to fall sick often reduces, but special care has to be taken when they are still growing. Thus, it is in your best interest that you opt for an adequate health insurance plan to cover your children and safeguard your finances.
  • Dental care for children can be expensive – Children are prone to injure themselves while playing or riding their bicycles, which might cause a severe dental injury. Many health insurance policies provide a cover for dental care on OPD basis. Also, they cater to the financial needs in case of any in-patient hospitalization treatment for teeth repair/replacement, resulting due to an accidental injury. Thus, you should opt for a health insurance plan to get coverage for dental injuries for your children.
  • Quality health care – Every child deserves to be fit and healthy so that he/she can prosper thoroughly. With health insurance in place, you can provide quality and affordable health care to your children. Most of the health insurance companies in India have tie-ups with highly regarded hospitals all over India. You can avail the benefit of cashless health insurance claims and a proper medical attention for your children at these network hospitals.
  • Overall development of children – With adequate health insurance in place, you can monitor the overall development of your children. Regular check-ups of your children can help to identify ailments that can be treated well in time. This can help your children to be strong and less likely to fall sick often, thus, ensuring their overall development.
We hope that you choose to buy an adequate health insurance plan for your children as soon as you can. There are many affordable health insurance plans that can provide the required coverage to your children and take care of any financial setbacks that may come your way. You can check some of the best health insurance plans on our website – Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance Policies.

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