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Coronavirus transmission detection using Social Trackback feature of Caringly Yours app
Sep 14, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Detection via Social Trackback Feature of Caringly Yours App

As of March 2020 end, a complete lockdown has been ordered in most of the states in India owing to the spread of coronavirus. But, there are still scenarios where you might have to leave your home, even if it’s for a small amount of time. Besides, medical personnel, firefighters, bankers, caregivers have to step out daily and provide services to keep the country functioning. During this pandemic, you need to know who all crossed your path. We at Bajaj Allianz understand this need during this emergency and present to you the Social Trackback Feature of our Caringly Yours App. This is a safety measure that will allow you to trackback the probable source of infection, if any. This feature lets you keep a real-time track of people whom you have met and interacted with during the day. This is a very effective way to curtail the virus from spreading. The social trackback feature of our Caringly Yours App lets you record the name, address and contact number of the people you meet and communicate with during the entire day. Now these people may be friends, family, vendors, service providers or official visitors. Coronavirus can spread very rapidly from one person to another, thus it is of paramount importance that you keep a note of all the people whom you have come in contact with throughout the day.

How to use Social Trackback feature of Caringly Yours App?

Here’s how you can use the Social Trackback feature of our Caringly Yours App:
  • Login to the app using your credentials.
  • Open the social trackback feature on the app.
  • Enter the ‘from and to date’ of your meeting with a person.
  • Add other tracking details such as purpose of meet, address, number of persons met, name, contact number, date and time.
  • Capture image of the person/meeting (optional).
  • Click on submit button.
  • You can see the logs created in the app.
This data logged by you remains private to you, as per the data privacy policy of our Caringly Yours App. We hope that you remain safe during this pandemic and urge you to stay indoors as far as possible. In case you need to step out, please use the social trackback feature of our Caringly Yours app and keep logs of people with whom you have interacted with while you were outside. You can download our Caringly Yours App from Google Play Store and Apple App Store and explore all the useful features on your mobile.

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