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Dec 2, 2021

Essential Key Features To Look For In Your Health Insurance Policy

Changing times have witnessed a drastic change in lifestyles. Long working hours, mounting stress, be it life or career, pollution, etc are the new normal of life. With these conditions, lifestyle ailments are growing and diabetes, heart conditions, respiratory disease and the like are more frequently observed in growing adults. With these changes to our lifestyles, it is essential to seek cover for such ailments. A health insurance policy is the way to go ahead. To avoid medical treatments from becoming a financial burden, it is best to purchase a health insurance policy. But selecting a policy can often be confusing. It is due to the complex terms involved along with a plethora of alternatives to choose from. Here are some of the essential features when sought, can ensure a comprehensive policy is available for medical treatments.

In-patient treatment

This is the most basic coverage for which you need to look in your health insurance policy. In-patient treatment is where the costs of hospitalisation are covered by the insurance company, hence you need not worry about expenses associated with hospitalisation like room rent, nursing charges and more. *

Maternity coverage

When you buy a family health insurance plan, it is essential to look for maternity coverage in case you plan to have children in the future. This coverage helps to manage the expensive costs of childbirth along with the necessary tests required during the pregnancy stage for the mother. Since these cover have waiting periods as high as 48 months, it is best to buy one at an early stage in life. *

Organ transplantation cover

A policy with organ transplant coverage helps to relieve the financial stress in case of a severe ailment requiring organ donation is the last resort. This not only covers for the transplant process, but also pre and post-transplant expenses like medical tests and follow ups, both for the donor as well as the done. *

Lifetime renewability

This is a critical feature to have since a health insurance policy must be available for a perpetual duration and not end its coverage at a specified age. This ensures you are covered against all those ailments in your policy right till the end thereby reducing the financial burden on your dependents. While some policies have a capping at a certain age for renewability, choosing a policy that offers coverage for the entire lifetime is the best. *

Coverage for pre-existing ailments

Pre-existing ailments are those which the applicant is suffering from at the time of purchasing the policy. A plan that includes pre-existing ailments ensures any previous medical conditions are insured under the health insurance policy. This comes handy especially for elderly individuals who are more often than not, prone to ailments. However, you need to remember these policies have a certain waiting period only after which the coverage begins. Choosing an insurer that has lower waiting duration ensures quicker coverage available in case of a medical exigency. *

Coverage for day-care expenses

Not all treatments as of today require you to get admitted to a medical facility. Medical technology has seen some treatments like cataract, chemotherapy, dialysis, lithotripsy, etc. being treated withing a few hours not requiring hospitalisation. With cover for day-care expenses, you can be relived of financial stress to manage these treatment costs too. * * Standard T&C Apply These are some of the essential features that if looked for in your policy coverage offers a comprehensive insurance cover. However, before you finalise any plan, familiarise yourself with what is health insurance and the terminologies used so that you get a 360-degree understanding of the insurance coverage offered. Remember insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.  

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