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Regular Travel Insurance and Student Travel Insurance
Apr 12, 2021

Health Insurance for Students

Studying abroad can be a dream come true for many students who aspire to enter Ivy League universities overseas. But being far away from home can be a worry when you are living in a foreign place. One of such aspects is medical emergencies which can be quite expensive in certain countries. This is why health insurance for students is a must! So, allow us to take you through the reasons why overseas student health cover is crucial.

Reasons Why You Should opt for Health Insurance for Students

Helps Cover Medical Expenses

Healthcare expenses can be very high overseas when compared to the medical cost in India. Due to change in location, the difference in weather and food can affect your health leading to frequent visits to the doctor. Even a one-time medical consultation can take a toll on your finances, which is why medical insurance for students is beneficial to avoid unnecessary financial burden. With the right health plan, the insurer will cover the medical costs and you can be worry free about the monetary aspect.

Benefit of Cashless Hospitalisation

Cashless hospitalisation is the most vital part of your health insurance plan. When you seek treatment at one of the network hospitals associated with your insurance provider, you can enjoy cashless hospitalisation. The medical bill will directly be settled with your insurer and you may walk out without paying any cost. Thus, having this feature in your health insurance is a must! But it is recommended to go through the number of network hospitals available with the insurer under the cashless health insurance policy.

Secures Non-Medical Emergencies

Though you may have not expected a health plan to cover non-medical emergencies, you can get 360-degree protection with this policy. The overseas student health cover provides coverage for non-medical emergencies under the same plan. Thus, you are secured during unfortunate situations like loss of passport, study interruption, loss or delay in baggage, and more. So, the health insurance for students offers an overall cover to help you study abroad without any trouble.

Safeguards You from Personal Liabilities

Accidents do not come with a warning and can occur anytime. With medical insurance for students, personal liabilities such as damage to third-party property or accidental lawsuits against you are covered by the insurer. An unforeseen mishap can lead to bodily injuries to the third-party, leaving you to bear the financial brunt of it. But your insurance plan secures such expenses and also helps with bail charges in case you are arrested. Therefore, you are safeguarded from such personal liabilities that may occur overseas.

Covers Mandatory Aspects

Many international universities make it mandatory for students to have overseas travel insurance to cover medical aspects. It is advised to go through the insurance requirements of your university to avoid any issues later.

Additional Perks

Health insurance plans for students come with some additional perks that can be of great help. Some of them are sponsor protection, aid to visit family back home, monetary compensation in case of study interruption, cover for repatriation of mortal remains, etc. All of these elements become of utmost importance when you are overseas without your family and incur a medical emergency. Thus, the insurer comes to your aid and offers you the best possible assistance during urgencies. Now that you know the benefits of health insurance for students, having such a backup becomes crucial. So, compare health insurance and secure yourself with the most suitable policy to have a safe visit abroad. *Standard T&C apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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