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check health insurance policy status
Mar 30, 2023

Check Your Health Insurance Policy Status: A Quick Guide

As an earning individual, there are different liabilities where you might spend your income. Buying a vehicle or an electronic item can be considered a liability. However, one of the biggest liabilities that you might face in your life is the cost of a medical emergency involving yourself or your loved one. Such liabilities can be easily avoided by investing in a robust health insurance policy for the whole family. There can be instances, however, where you might forget to check the status of your policy, especially during a medical emergency. Here is how you can check the validity of your policy to avoid any hassles during a medical emergency.

Importance of checking the validity

Imagine this scenario: You are on a trip with your family. During sightseeing, your father suddenly falls sick and requires hospitalisation. While he is hospitalized, you submit the details of your policy to avail of the cashless claim facility. However, you are informed that your policy has lapsed due to the non-payment of premiums. Not only can this cause a major inconvenience to you mentally, but it also creates a situation of financial burden. In the absence of medical insurance, you will have to bear the cost of your father’s medical treatment. Such situations can be avoided by simply checking your policy’s validity periodically. Often, people tend to forget the date of premium payment or the renewal date of their policy. This causes major problems during medical emergencies. A person is forced to pay out of pocket to cover the cost of medical treatment. This means having to spend the savings on one major expense. Thus, it is important to periodically check the validity of your policy. Let’s look at how to check your health insurance policy status.

How do you check your health insurance policy’s status?

  1. Visit your insurer’s website

One of the easiest and quickest ways to check the validity of your health insurance plan is through your insurer’s website. Just visit your insurer’s website and select the ‘Check policy status ' option from the landing page. Here you are required to enter the policy number and other contact details. Once you have submitted these details, the details of your policy would be displayed on the screen. This includes the policy name, name of the policyholder, date of renewal and the next premium payment date.
  1. Send an e-mail to your insurer

One of the alternatives to checking the status of your policy is by sending an email to your insurer. You can easily find the e-mail address of your insurer on their website. Make sure that the e-mail ID you use to send the e-mail is registered with the insurer. In that e-mail, you can request information about your policy and mention the policy number and other contact details. The response time may vary depending on your insurer. They might send you a soft copy of the policy.
  1. Call the customer care helpline

There’s nothing that human intervention cannot solve, and this applies to getting assistance for your policy-related queries too. Customer care executives provide a quick resolution to any queries they receive. If you wish to know the status of your policy, you can get in touch with your insurer’s customer helpline number. Once you call the number, the executive will verify the policy details and your personal details. They will check the database on the basis of the information provided by you. If your policy is valid, they will provide information about that. If your policy has lapsed, they will tell you what to do next.
  1. Visit your insurer’s nearest office

This is one of the easiest solutions when it comes to wanting more information about your policy. Simply visit the nearest office of your insurance provider. Carry the policy document and other documents which might be required for identification and verification. Approach any of the customer executives at the branch. They will assist you through each step until the resolution of your query. 

What to do if your policy has lapsed?

If your policy has lapsed, you can take the following actions:
  1. Get in touch with your insurer either through their website or through the customer care helpline.
  2. If you visit the website, provide your policy details.
  3. Verify the policy details.
  4. If the option of reviving your lapsed policy is available, pay the premium in addition to the fine online from the website.
  5. If you want to revive your policy through a customer helpline, they will guide you through the entire procedure and help you revive the policy immediately.
Alternatively, you can visit your insurer’s nearest branch and pay the premium there to revive your policy. You can also take the assistance of an insurance agent to do the same. After your policy has been revived, you can continue to enjoy health insurance benefits. *


With these steps, you can keep an eye on the policy status. Make sure you do not miss any of the premium payments or the renewal dates to continue the benefits of your policy for the long term. If you wish to purchase a plan for your family, you can consider any of the health insurance plans for family for all-round protection. * Standard T&C apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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