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Critical Illness Insurance Organ Transplant Coverage
Jan 7, 2022

All About Organ Transplant Coverage Under Critical Illness Insurance

One cannot overlook the importance of a health insurance plan in 2021. It is an essential pillar in your financial planning process. While medical emergencies are startling and uncalled for, not all health insurance plans provide a similar insurance coverage. A basic health insurance plan provides a financial cushion for medical treatments, but not for all treatments. Some disorders may result in permanent disability or even require an organ transplant. At such times, a standard health insurance policy feels limited in its scope. That’s when a critical illness insurance comes handy.

What is a critical illness insurance plan?

A health insurance policy that specifically aims to cover the life-threatening ailments is a critical illness insurance. Renal disease, heart attacks, cancers of varying intensity, multiple sclerosis, paralysis are some of ailments covered in its scope. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company’s Criti Care policy covers 43 such critical illnesses among which organ transplant is one of them. Unlike a standard health insurance plan, a critical illness policy provides a lumpsum pay-out on diagnosis of the ailments listed in your policy terms. Such lumpsum pay-out can be helpful when it comes to availing an organ transplant when it is the last resort. *Standard T&C Apply

Organ transplantation in a critical illness policy

Replacing the existing organ in the human body is the last resorts when it comes to a medical treatment. However, it isn’t a straightforward process. Finding an organ donor, ensuring a matching blood group, compatibility with the organ to be harvested are some considerations to keep in mind before undergoing such transplantation process. Hence, due to its complicated nature, a transplant does not come cheap. That’s where a critical illness policy steps in so that you have one less thing to worry about, i.e., its treatment cost.

Expenses associated with organ transplantation

Among the different types of health insurance plans, a critical illness plan is the one that covers organ transplantation. Here are various expenses that are a part of the costly organ transplant process:

Organ screening:

Organ screening is the starting point for a transplantation procedure to search for a compatible donor. It is difficult since everyone isn’t willing to donate. With the lumpsum pay-out from a critical illness policy, such organ screening processes can be aided.

Coverage for pre-hospitalisation costs:

Once a compatible donor is traced, different tests are required to be done so that the receiver’s body can successfully accept the newly transplanted organ. These pre-hospitalisation tests to determine the suitability of the organ can also be compensated for.

Transplantation expenses:

This is the actual transplantation process. Here the costs associated with admitting to a medical facility, along with the actual surgery can be effectively met with the right cover.*

Post-surgery expenses:

Post-surgery costs for both, the donor as well as the receiver include costs of medication, follow-up charges and more. A critical illness insurance provides with an adequate amount to help address these expenses as well. Organ transplant is no ordinary treatment in the medical world. It is highly critical and involves several permutations and combinations. While it is no economical treatment, opting for a critical illness plan with organ transplantation coverage addresses such treatment costs securing your health. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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