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Common COVID-19 Myths Doing the Rounds
Aug 18, 2020

Misinformation About Coronavirus You Should Know Avoid Believing

The world is fighting two pandemics at the same time. While one is physical – though microscopic – the other is virtual. The truth is, the physical virus will definitely have an antidote working against it but the virtual one still remains a huge question. Yes, it is fake news and misinformation about the coronavirus we are talking about. Ever since there was the onset of the viral pandemic, self-proclaimed experts started cropping up across the world, spreading wrong information, myths and partial information about the Covid-19 virus online. To stay safe and healthy, the first thing we should do is check our sources of news and information and not believe everything we read. Reliable sources give us authentic news and prevent us from practicing something that is not backed by logic, science or medicine. As the numbers keep spiking every single day, we felt it was indeed necessary to curb the spread of some myths around coronavirus. A lot of people have been blindly believing things they read and sharing in their circles without second thoughts. This has been giving rise to more fear and anxiety among people. So, to curb them all, here are some myths about coronavirus you should absolutely stop believing from this moment. The Impact Of Hot Water Bath There is news going around on family WhatsApp groups that hot water baths can prevent the onset of Covid-19 virus in your body. This is completely wrong as the only consequence of taking a hot shower is the probability of burning your skin. What would really save you are social distancing, hygiene and health insurance. Covid-19 Leads To Death While there is a lot of news around deaths due to coronavirus, one thing we should be understanding is that this depends on underlying diseases and physical conditions as well. Most of us completely overlook this factor and end up getting anxious about the entire situation. Studies have shown that around 80.9% of Covid-19 cases have been mild and if a patient is brought in at the right time and procedures are started, we could keep instances of death at bay. Covid-19 Spreads Through Insects And Animals The concept of zoonotic has taken a completely different turn online. With the spreaders of fake news and information claiming that the virus can spread through mosquito bites or through pets such as cats and dogs, let us tell you that these are false claims. Till day, there has been no evidence around the transmission of the Covid-19 virus through insects or animals. It is a respiratory disease that is communicable only through saliva droplets. Face Masks Translate To 100% Immunity Face masks offer the first level of protection against the virus. Meaning, the masks that doctors and healthcare practitioners wear are completely tight around their facial openings, completely sealing them off of droplets. However, that is not the case with our disposable masks which hardly stay on our nose. But that does not mean that they are pointless. To curtail the chances of spreading, one should wear a mask, especially if the one is experiencing any respiratory problems or flu-like symptoms. Saline Nose Rinse While this works for cases pertaining to upper respiratory diseases, Covid-19 is quite different. There is no research or proof backing this claim, making it only a statement and not a fact. Our recommendation is to not believe in the fact that saline nose rinses can prevent coronavirus. How To Stay Safe From Fake News And Myths To fight coronavirus, we should first fight the pandemic of fake news. It can only be curtailed one person or device at a time. So, the next time you receive a message or information about Covid-19, do these – ● Check the credibility of the sender ● Verify the source and crosscheck the information online and see if they lead to other news coverages from credible sources ● Stop yourself from sharing any information you have in groups or threads Wrapping Up We can only deal with Covid-19 fake news like this and as far as coronavirus is concerned, one effective way to deal with this is buying health insurance for Coronavirus. It is vital for the safety and peace of mind of you and your family. Today’s health insurance policies offer cashless treatments, doctor-on-call, Covid-19 coverage and more. The entire point is to reduce the stress and fear around the pandemic and a health insurance policy takes care of both. Plans such as Corona Kavach have been devised keeping this in mind and offering cover COVID-19 related costs at affordable premium rates. Stay far. Stay healthy. Stay Safe.

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