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Online Activities to do During Quarantine
Sep 14, 2020

Coronavirus Quarantine: Online Activities to Keep Boredom at Bay

Coronavirus has forced us into practicing social distancing. And ironically, it’s the social media that is helping us keep in touch. Not only has the internet kept us connected, it has also helped the working class to continue their jobs while working from home. Many of you will agree that the internet and online media have played a major role in our lives during the lockdown period. In fact, it is because of the internet that we are getting the daily updates about the pandemic situation. And, it’s the internet that has helped us cope with the boredom that has crept in our lives slowly due to the coronavirus quarantine. While it’s a stressful situation, you should keep yourself calm, so that you can take care of your family members and comfort them in this duress. One of the best ways to keep the stress and boredom at bay is to engage yourself in some online activities. Here’s sharing with you some suggestions for online activities, so that you are not jaded during the coronavirus quarantine.

Binge watching TV series and more

There are many online streaming services that you can use to watch movies, concerts, TV series and documentaries. This is the easiest online activity that you can do and get rid of boredom. There are multiple genres from which you can choose the one with your interest and spend you leisure time by entertaining yourself online.

Listening to Podcasts

If you wish to give your eyes some rest, then listening to podcasts is the next best thing that you can do during the quarantine. You can just lie down and focus on every word that you hear. If you are listening to some educational podcast then you can also make some notes to refer in the future. Please check out the podcast by our respected MD and CEO, Mr. Tapan Singhel to learn about insurance and life in general.

Online music streaming

While quarantine has forced many of you to take up household chores, you can still enjoy doing them by listening to some of your favorite songs using the online music streaming apps. Many apps allow you to listen your favorite songs for free, a few of them might require you to pay some minimal amount for using their services. Free or not, listening to music can help your mind relax and also help you to get over with the household jobs tirelessly.

Playing games

The inner child in you can never let you miss the opportunity to have the video game fun, especially when there is plenty of time to spare doing nothing but locked up in your own house with a high speed internet connection. You can have fun playing some online games with your family members or even with your friends by connecting with them over the internet.

Going on a virtual tour to museums

Numerous museums, all over the world have started giving free access to a virtual tour inside the museums. You can use your time in quarantine and visit different museums and spend your leisure time gaining some knowledge from different parts of the world.

Online free courses

If you have been thinking of completing some courses related to your field of interest/work, then this quarantine can be a convenient time for you to tick that off your to-do list. You can utilize your time in lockdown to learn something new, which can be used to scale new heights in your career. Online courses can keep the boredom at bay and also help you develop a new skill. While you have fun doing these online activities, we urge you to be wary of clicking on any suspicious links. You might become the victim of a cyber-attack and suffer some financial and reputational loss. We recommend you to get a cyber insurance plan in order to cover yourself in case you face any cyber-crime. We hope that you stay safe, stay indoors and enjoy some online activities in the lockdown period.

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