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Invest in critical illness insurance to fight cancer
Feb 3, 2016

Be Prepared To Fight Cancer, Buy Critical Illness Insurance

Treating cancer isn’t easy not only because it is a painful journey for the patient but also because it burns a hole in your pocket and exhausts your savings. Cancer treatment is expensive especially in advanced stages. Surgery, drugs and diagnostic expenses are high. Most of the cancer cases are detected in the later stage. Around 45% of families who have one cancer patient end up with catastrophic expenditures and 25% end up Below Poverty Line.

Cancer patients have to often travel to other cities because, they don’t have an access to treatment facilities where they live or the quality of treatment isn’t upto the mark. Many cannot afford the treatment and have to approach institutions funded by the government. Burdened with growing prices and low income they are unprepared for this challenge.

Thus, cancer does not only affect your health, but it also impacts the ability to earn an income. The situation worsens when the cancer patient is the main breadwinner for the family. Savings are exhausted and the family is pushed into poverty. National Cancer Control Programme shares that anywhere between 2 and 2.5 million patients suffer from Cancer in India.

Cancer Should Be Detected In The Early Stage

The infrastructure to battle cancer is insufficient in India. The number of doctors and hospitals specialized in battling the disease are less as compared to people who suffer from Cancer. Patients in major cities have an easy access to treatment facilities but the case isn’t favourable in rural areas.

You Need To Invest In Health Insurance As It Helps You During Critical Moments

Cancer can affect anyone. Yes, you can modify your lifestyle and stay alert to prevent risk factors. Avoid eating tobacco, consuming alcohol, control your weight, eat lot fruits, engage in physical activities etc. Over and above this, invest in a health insurance policy which provides cover against critical illnesses like Cancer. In critical times you have to keep your savings in place.

Critical Illness Of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

With advancement in medical technology life threatening illnesses can been cured. But during critical situations you need good financial support. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance has taken efforts to design customer centric solutions to cover critical illnesses. Cancer is a disease that is covered under Critical Illnesses. There are 10 critical illnesses that are covered under this health insurance policy.

It’s time that you invest in a critical illness insurance policy and be prepared during these times of crisis. Visit our website and take your first step towards securing your life.

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